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HK protester shot by police is arrested for unlawful assembly

HK protester shot by police is arrested for unlawful assembly

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | The Telegraph | 6:02 AM

A 21-year-old student shot by police on Monday has been arrested for unlawful assembly, as a fresh round of clashes broke out in Hong Kong on Tuesday. The student, named as [...] » More

HK protests hit universities, business district

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | AFP | 6:02 AM

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters clashed with riot police in the city’s upmarket business district and on university campuses Tuesday, extending one of the most [...] » More

‘Take your laptops’: HK’s banks send employees home

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 6:02 AM

As violent protests disrupt daily commutes in Hong Kong, global banks urge staff to consider working from home. Major Hong Kong banks spent their morning telling employees to [...] » More

Investors wary as social unrest spreads from HK to Santiago

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Social unrest worldwide is alarming some global investors, who say protests from Hong Kong and Lebanon to Chile are forcing them to be more cautious even though the impact on [...] » More

Britain says it is concerned by escalation of violence in HK

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Britain’s Foreign Office said on Monday it was concerned about the escalation of violence between protesters and police in Hong Kong and urged both sides to find a way [...] » More

HK protests haven’t hurt our profitability, say bank CEOs

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | CNBC | 6:02 AM

Pro-democracy protests have hurt the Hong Kong economy, but the chief executives of two major banks said their businesses in the city have not been affected in a big way. [...] » More

HK leader says violence has far exceeded calls for democracy

HK leader says violence has far exceeded calls for democracy

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Hong Kong’s embattled leader Carrie Lam said on Monday the violence that is roiling the former British colony has exceeded protesters’ demands for democracy and [...] » More

HK’s Violence Will Get Worse

HK’s Violence Will Get Worse

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | Foreignpolicy | 6:02 AM

Hong Kong’s protests have seen their first death, and there will be more to come. After months of demonstrations over Beijing’s growing influence tore the city [...] » More

Security arrangements for Taiwan’s presidential candidates revealed

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | FocusTaiwan | 6:02 AM

More than 300 security personnel will be deployed to protect Taiwan’s presidential candidates in the upcoming presidential election, the National Security Bureau (NSB) [...] » More

Poll suggests Tsai maintains lead even if PFP enters election

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

With the 2020 election just two months away, a poll shows incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has extended her lead over the [...] » More

‘Honeypots’ to help Taiwan fight cyberattacks

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | AsiaTimes | 6:02 AM

Inaugural US-Taiwan drill a response to heightened risks as attackers conceal origin Taiwan’s academic networks and intranets serving tertiary institutions and state [...] » More

Scammers target Filipino workers in Taiwan

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Three major Taiwanese- and Filipino-run groups of scammers have allegedly swindled NT$24 million from Filipino workers in Taiwan, after persuading them to make fake [...] » More

Japan, Taiwan: Japanese Lawmakers Seek Greater Security Cooperation With Washington, Taipei

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | WorldView | 6:02 AM

What Happened: A group of Japanese lawmakers is seeking to increase security cooperation with the United States and Taiwan in an attempt to push back against growing Chinese [...] » More

US bombing of Taiwan and Han’s ignorance

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | TaipeiTimes | 6:02 AM

Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu, the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) presidential candidate, has said that Taiwan is a beautiful place, because the US armed forces did not [...] » More

Taiwan’s GDP expected to grow 2.45pct in 2020: think tank

13-Nov-2019 Intellasia | FocusTaiwan | 6:02 AM

On the back of expectations of eased trade tension between the United States and China, Taiwan, an export- oriented economy, is likely to see its gross domestic product (GDP) [...] » More