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Business Briefs 14 January 2020

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | | 8:46 AM

* Standard Chartered Bank has announced that it successfully arranged a VND1,150 billion bond issue with a 10-year tenor for Vietnam Electrical Equipment Corporation (GEX), [...] » More

HK rally seeks voting rights, international support

HK rally seeks voting rights, international support

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | CoastMountainNews | 1:20 AM

More than a thousand people attended a rally in Hong Kong on Sunday to urge people and governments abroad to support the city’s pro-democracy movement and oppose [...] » More

HK protesters fete landslide election win for Taiwan’s Tsai

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 1:19 AM

Hong Kong’s democracy protesters and politicians have hailed a sweeping election win by Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen as a fillip for their movement that puts [...] » More

Top judge in protest-hit HK defends legal system

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 1:19 AM

Hong Kong’s top judge on Monday delivered a passionate defence of the city’s legal system as it struggles with a backlog of protester trials and accusations of [...] » More

HK party Demosisto drops support for self-determination after Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow’s election bans

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 1:19 AM

A political party has removed support for Hong Kong self-determination from its manifesto after two of its members were barred from running in elections because of the [...] » More

‘Strengths and resilience’: HK leader touts city’s prowess

‘Strengths and resilience’: HK leader touts city’s prowess

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | Aljazeera | 1:18 AM

Hong Kong’s strengths as a global financial hub have not been undermined by months of pro-democracy protests, the Chinese-ruled city’s chief executive, Carrie [...] » More

HK leader says financial hub’s strengths intact despite protests

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 1:18 AM

Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam and top finance officials praised the Chinese-ruled city’s resilience as a global financial hub on Monday amid more than [...] » More

HK property tycoon calls for cut in quota of mainland Chinese settling in city to ease cross-border tensions

HK property tycoon calls for cut in quota of mainland Chinese settling in city to ease cross-border tensions

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 1:18 AM

The number of people from mainland China relocating to Hong Kong daily should be halved to 75 to ease cross-border tensions amid deepening divides in the protest-hit city. [...] » More

Human Rights Watch head says he was denied entry to HK to launch report critical of China

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | CNN | 1:17 AM

The international head of Human Rights Watch said he was denied entry to Hong Kong on Sunday, ahead of the launch of a report critical of the Chinese government. Kenneth [...] » More

Human Rights Watch chief says barred from entering HK

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 1:17 AM

Human Rights Watch chief Kenneth Roth said Sunday he had been denied entry into Hong Kong, where he had arrived to launch the watchdog’s annual report after months of [...] » More

Wuhan pneumonia: HK set to develop new test for mystery virus after obtaining genetic sequence from mainland China

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 1:17 AM

Hong Kong is set to race against time to develop diagnostic tests for the mystery strain of pneumonia that has claimed its first fatality on the mainland, after the city [...] » More

HK’s first digital bank offers 6pct rate that dwarfs HSBC’s

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 1:17 AM

The first of Hong Kong’s new generation of digital banks has announced its arrival with a 6 percent introductory rate for deposits. ZA Bank Ltd, one of eight firms [...] » More

China could flex military muscles to pressure Taiwan post-election

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 1:16 AM

His policies rejected by Taiwan voters in a landslide re-election for President Tsai Ing-wen, Chinese President Xi Jinping will most likely continue to tighten the screws on [...] » More

Taiwan’s leader meets with US official after election win

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | NBCNews | 1:16 AM

Fresh from a landslide re-election victory, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen met Sunday with the de facto US ambassador to Taipei. William Brent Christensen, a US diplomat [...] » More

Taiwan has slipped through China’s fingers, but will Beijing ever admit it?

14-Jan-2020 Intellasia | CNN | 1:15 AM

Speaking in 1995, a hundred years after Japan’s seizure of Taiwan, then Chinese President Jiang Zemin said it was the “sacred mission and lofty goal of the entire [...] » More