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Coronavirus: HK’s opposition lawmakers threaten to vote against government’s HK$137.5 billion relief package

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

Hong Kong’s opposition lawmakers have threatened to vote against the government’s proposed relief package, saying many workers and businesses would miss out on [...] » More

Coronavirus: HK’s jobless burn savings waiting for government help and courses, saying pandemic relief measures overlook them

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

After 12 years as a waiter, Sky Wong was earning more than HK$20,000 (US$2,580) a month when he lost his job in January. The 40-year-old, who worked at a cha chaan teng, a [...] » More

HK likely to extend coronavirus social-distancing rules for two more weeks but some outdoor recreational spots may reopen earlier, sources say

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

Hong Kong’s social-distancing rules to tackle Covid-19 are likely to be extended for another two weeks after the current deadline ends next Thursday, according to [...] » More

HK manufacturers joining mask subsidy should cater to government’s needs before selling protective gear in market, commerce minister says

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

Hong Kong manufacturers joining a HK$1.5 billion (US$194 million) subsidy scheme to produce surgical masks should cater to the government’s needs before selling the [...] » More

HK police detain veteran democracy activists in raids

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Hong Kong police arrested 15 activists, including veteran politicians, a publishing tycoon and senior barristers, in raids on Saturday in the biggest crackdown on the [...] » More

CNN lists Taiwan among 4 ‘places’ that flattened coronavirus curve

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Taiwan News | 6:02 AM

Out of apparent fear of offending China, CNN has listed Taiwan among four “places,” not countries, that have set a model example of how to flatten the Wuhan [...] » More

Taiwan to quarantine 700 navy sailors after virus outbreak

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | TAIPEI | 6:02 AM

Taiwan will put 700 navy sailors into quarantine after three cases of the new coronavirus were confirmed among sailors who had been on a goodwill mission to the Pacific [...] » More

Taiwan adds 3 navy trainees as imported coronavirus cases

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Taiwan News | 6:02 AM

Taiwan confirmed three navy trainees as new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases Saturday (April 18), with 700 other crew members put into quarantine breaking the pattern of [...] » More

Taiwan extends stay for foreigners who entered before March 21 by additional 30 days

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Taiwan News | 6:02 AM

Foreign citizens who entered Taiwan before March 21 will be allowed to extend their stay by an additional 30 days without having to file an official application, the Ministry [...] » More

Taiwan’s plots of playing political tricks slammed

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Xinhua | 6:02 AM

The claim by Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party that it informed the World Health Organization in December that COVID-19 can be transmitted from [...] » More

Coronavirus: drugs including remdesivir may prove effective before vaccine is available, Korean expert says

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

South Korea’s top coronavirus expert said the time frame for effective Covid-19 treatment may be much shorter than what is needed to develop a vaccine, and singled out [...] » More

Photos capture N Korea ships’ sanctions busting in Chinese waters UN report

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

On October 10 last year, eight North Korean vessels several carrying illicit coal shipments were anchored in Chinese waters off the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, according to a [...] » More

NKorea flouts sanctions through China shipping: UN report

NKorea flouts sanctions through China shipping: UN report

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 6:02 AM

North Korea sharply stepped up trade in coal and oil products last year in defiance of UN sanctions through the apparent help of China’s shipping industry, a UN panel [...] » More

Service member’s wife tests positive for coronavirus after returning to Korea from US

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Stripes | 6:02 AM

The wife of a US service member tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, nearly two weeks after she returned to South Korea from the United States, raising the total number [...] » More

China’s economy shrinks as coronavirus hits world trade

20-Apr-2020 Intellasia | The Guardian | 6:02 AM

China’s economy shrank 6.8 percent in the first three months of 2020, the country’s first such contraction on record and a stark sign of the financial impact of [...] » More