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Japan to offer anti-flu Avigan to 38 countries as early as this week

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | KyodoNews | 6:02 AM

Japan will begin providing the anti-flu drug Avigan for free to 38 countries as early as this week for treating patients with the new coronavirus, Foreign minister Toshimitsu [...] » More

Japan To Allow Dentists To Conduct Coronavirus Tests

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | NPR | 6:02 AM

Japan will begin allowing dentists to take nose and throat swab samples to test patients for the novel coronavirus, according to The Japan Times. Japan currently conducts [...] » More

Commentary: Japan’s two-month-long school closure is not a pretty sight

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | CNA | 6:02 AM

Japan is on the cusp of considering reopening schools nationwide but would do better by focusing on ramping up online learning, says Yuka Hasegawa. It’s been barely two [...] » More

World Heritage Sites in Japan on alert against infections as Golden Week holidays start

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | JapanTimes | 6:02 AM

Municipalities hosting UNESCO World Heritage sites in Japan are on high alert against the spread of the novel coronavirus now that the country has effectively entered the [...] » More

Governor to propose all schools in Japan reopen in September amid virus closures

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Mainichi | 6:02 AM

Gov. Yoshihiro Murai of the northeastern Japan prefecture of Miyagi revealed his intention to propose reopening all schools across the country, currently under temporary [...] » More

Japan’s state of emergency period to be extended as Covid-19 cases increase

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Xinhua | 6:02 AM

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) cases in Japan increased by 247 to 13,860, according to the latest figures from the health ministry and local authorities on Tuesday evening (April [...] » More

Holding Tokyo Olympics in 2021 ‘difficult’, Japan medical association chief warns

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | TheGuardian | 6:02 AM

The head of the Japan Medical Association (JMA) has added his voice to speculation that the Tokyo Olympics, now due to be held next summer, could again be delayed by the [...] » More

Abe open to delaying start of Japan’s school year

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | JapanTimes | 6:02 AM

Prime minister Shinzo Abe suggested Wednesday his government may consider a proposal to introduce a school year starting in September, in the wake of the novel coronavirus [...] » More

As Japan fights coronavirus with shutdowns, rats emerge onto deserted streets

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

As more Japanese restaurants shut down and people stay home during the country’s state of emergency to fight the coronavirus, experts say rats may be expanding their [...] » More

Japan’s Abe says impossible to hold Olympics unless pandemic contained

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

It will be impossible to host the Tokyo Olympic Games next year unless the coronavirus pandemic is contained, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe said on Wednesday. The [...] » More

Tokyo’s daily reported COVID-19 cases again dip below 100, with 47 on Wednesday

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | JapanTimes | 6:02 AM

The Tokyo Metropolitan government confirmed a smaller number of new COVID-19 infections on Wednesday, but there were few signs of relief as the central government is [...] » More

Japan’s jobless rate hits one-year high as virus hurts economy

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | Al Jazeera | 6:02 AM

Japan’s March jobless rate rose to its highest in a year, while job availability slipped to a more than a three-year low, official data showed on Tuesday, as the [...] » More

Japan has 3 times the population of Canada but one-third the COVID-19 cases despite looser lockdown

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | CBC | 6:02 AM

Japan issues suggestions not commands, yet it has less than a third of the number of cases in Canada Like the iconic blossoms that fill Tokyo every spring the pale pink [...] » More

Japanese manga giant Shueisha moves hit titles behind paywalls, signalling the end of free online content for Chinese fans

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

The days of Chinese manga and anime fans enjoying free online content have largely come to an end as publishers explore ways to monetise their Chinese fan base. Japanese [...] » More

Singapore Airlines Sets Aside $2.3 Billion For New Aircraft Payments

30-Apr-2020 Intellasia | SimpleFlying | 6:02 AM

Singapore Airlines made a big splash raising nearly $13 billion over the last few months to shore itself against the aviation crisis. Now the carrier is planning to spend [...] » More