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Nissan sets out survival plan after first loss in 11 years

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Nissan Motor Co unveiled a plan to become a smaller, more cost-efficient automaker on Thursday as it looks to recover from four years of tumbling profits that culminated in [...] » More

Japan reality show ‘Terrace House’ halts production after star’s death

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Japanese reality TV show “Terrace House” has suspended its production for the 2019-2020 season after the sudden death of a 22-year-old cast member, it said on its [...] » More

Japan ‘seriously concerned’ over Chinese security laws for HK

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Japan is “seriously concerned” about the move by China’s parliament to go forward with national security legislation for Hong Kong that observers fear could [...] » More

EU, Japan roll out trillions in coronavirus recovery funds

29-May-2020 Intellasia | AP | 6:02 AM

Brussels: The European Union has proposed a euro 750 billion ($1.2 trillion) recovery fund to help countries weather a painful recession triggered by the coronavirus and [...] » More

Japan’s former Emperor Akihito visits palace for 1st time since March

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Kyodo News | 6:02 AM

Former Emperor Akihito visited a biology research institute inside the Imperial Palace on Thursday in his first return to the palace since moving to a temporary residence in [...] » More

Coronavirus to cut foreign visitors’ spending in Japan by $22 bil.

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Kyodo News | 6:02 AM

The new coronavirus outbreak is projected to cut spending by overseas travellers to Japan between February and August by 2.36 trillion yen ($22 billion), a think tank said [...] » More

Two B-1B Lancers train with 16 Japanese fighter jets over Sea of Japan

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Stripes | 6:02 AM

A pair of US B-1B Lancer bombers flew alongside 16 Japanese fighter jets during a mission Tuesday over the Sea of Japan, an Air Force statement said. The bombers deployed to [...] » More

Cautious Japan unlikely to introduce September school year start any time soon: media

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Japan is unlikely to change its academic year to start in September rather than April in either 2020 or 2021, domestic media said on Thursday, despite calls for reform that [...] » More

Murder suspected after 3 bodies found in central Japan home

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Kyodo News | 6:02 AM

Three bodies with head wounds were discovered at a residence in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, on Tuesday night in what police suspect is a murder case involving handguns. [...] » More

About 140 Japanese return to Wuhan on chartered plane

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Kyodo News | 6:02 AM

About 140 Japanese who were evacuated from Wuhan earlier this year following the outbreak of the new coronavirus returned to the central Chinese city on Wednesday on a [...] » More

What Lies Behind Japan’s Successful Management Of The Pandemic

29-May-2020 Intellasia | NPR | 6:02 AM

Japan’s COVID-19 death rate places the country among nations with a more successful coronavirus response. But many Japanese seem to be dissatisfied with their [...] » More

Japan Airlines to suspend recruitment of new graduates in 2021

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Japan Times | 6:02 AM

Japan Airlines will suspend the hiring of new graduates for fiscal 2021 starting next April. The major carrier said Wednesday that it needs to review its recruitment plan [...] » More

Vaccination rates down for children in Japan, survey finds

29-May-2020 Intellasia | Japan Times | 6:02 AM

The rates of children being vaccinated for measles and bacterial meningitis in Japan are on the decline, a recent survey by a non-profit organisation has found. The NPO, Know [...] » More

Japanese government compiled 2nd supplementary budget bill to alleviate public dissatisfaction with virus measures

29-May-2020 Intellasia | JapanNews | 6:02 AM

With the compiling of a massive second supplementary budget bill for fiscal 2020, the government is apparently trying to alleviate public dissatisfaction with the economic [...] » More

Nissan-Renault alliance to share more parts, technology

29-May-2020 Intellasia | AP | 6:02 AM

The auto alliance of Nissan and Renault said Wednesday it will be sharing more vehicle parts, technology and models to save costs as the industry struggles to survive the [...] » More