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Taiwan reports 4 new imported coronavirus cases from Lesotho, S. Africa, US

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command centre (CECC) on Monday (July 27) announced four new cases of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) imported from Lesotho, South Africa, and [...] » More

Set sail and social distance: Taiwan resumes ocean cruise amid pandemic

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Taiwan resumed an island-hopping ocean cruise on Sunday, joining a handful of places in the world to restart voyages after the coronavirus pandemic brought the industry to a [...] » More

Taiwan offers fake flights, complete with itinerary and passport control

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

Starved of the travel experience during the coronavirus lockdown? One Taiwanese airport has the solution a fake itinerary where you check in, go through passport control and [...] » More

‘Visa run’ unnecessary for foreign students changing schools: MOFA

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | FocusTaiwan | 6:02 AM

International students seeking to continue their tertiary education in Taiwan or transfer from one university to another are not required to leave the country for a [...] » More

TSMC stock soars as delays expected for Intel’s next-generation chips

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Shares for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) soared by more than 9 percent during Monday morning’s (July 27) trading session after rival Intel announced [...] » More

Taiwan government may reject ‘one China’ but first-half exports to mainland, HK reaped $66 billion

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | South China Morning Post | 6:02 AM

Taiwan’s trade with mainland China has soared in the past six months and is expected to hit a record amount this year, despite deteriorating cross-strait relations. But [...] » More

US has 10 more ways to defeat China: Taiwanese economist

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Closing consulates only the beginning of heated conflict between two nations Taiwanese economist Wu Chia-lung stated on Friday (July 24) that the US has at least 10 [...] » More

Many people disagree with ex-Taiwanese president’s comments on HK security law

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Poll shows 57 percent of respondents disagreeing with former president’s comparison of Taiwan, Hong Kong security laws The New Power Party announced on Sunday (July 26) [...] » More

Taiwanese Army holds event commemorating historic battle

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Taiwan’s Army Command Headquarters on Saturday (July 25) invited veterans of the battle of Kinmen’s Dadan and Erdan Islands to participate in the ceremony [...] » More

Taiwan reaffirms commitment to global trade during Apec virtual meeting

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Taiwan is committed to working with other members of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation to maintain a consistent flow of trade during the coronavirus pandemic, according [...] » More

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense increases budget for coastal missile system

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

The Taiwanese military has doubled its budget to allow for the purchase of mobile coastal Harpoon missile systems from the United States to build up defenses along the [...] » More

Taiwanese wife of US consul general targeted by Chinese netisens over ‘Nazi’ comparison

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Taiwanese cookery writer and wife of US Consul general Jim Mullinax, Chuang Tzu-I, has received thousands of hostile comments from Chinese netisens following the closure of [...] » More

US draft legislation to relax restrictions on Taiwan relations

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | TaipeiTimes | 6:02 AM

US Representative Tom Tiffany has proposed legislation that would require the US Department of State to remove restrictions on the Taiwan-US relationship. The move came days [...] » More

Cost of scaling up EV industry: Short-term profitability

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 6:02 AM

Economics 101: price goes up when there’s more demand than supply. In the case of electric vehicle batteries, the current supply crunch is only to intensify, with the [...] » More

S. Korea’s ample liquidity mostly remains in bank savings

28-Jul-2020 Intellasia | Koreaherald | 6:02 AM

South Korea’s lenders saw savings by customers climb rapidly during the first six months of the year, along with household and corporate loans, central bank data showed [...] » More