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‘History on trial’: Why Japan’s wartime labour dispute is more than another tit-for-tat with Korea

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | JapanTimes | 1:40 PM

Japan has once again found itself entangled in a recurring skirmish with South Korea over wartime labor — a seemingly intractable row with no end in sight. On Tuesday, a [...] » More

South Korea floods, landslides kill dozens, displace thousands

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Aljazeera | 1:32 PM

The death toll did not include the casualties from three capsized vessels at Uiam Dam in Chuncheon, 85 kilometres (53 miles) east of Seoul, which left three dead and three [...] » More

Nagasaki marks 75 years since atomic bombing

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 1:26 PM

The Japanese city of Nagasaki on Sunday commemorated the 75th anniversary of its destruction by a US atomic bomb, with its mayor and the head of the United Nations warning [...] » More

Thai anti-government protesters hold rallies outside Bangkok

Thai anti-government protesters hold rallies outside Bangkok

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 10:46 AM

Hundreds joined anti-government protests across Thailand on Sunday following a day of rallies in the country’s capital where protesters were calling for new elections [...] » More

Thailand mulls easing more Covid-19 lockdown measures

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Xinhua | 10:44 AM

As Thailand inches towards an 80 days free from community transmission of the coronavirus, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on Friday said its [...] » More

Thailand’s government Still Has ‘No Plan’ to Permit More Foreigners

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | ChiangraiTimes | 10:43 AM

Thailand’s government reports there are currently no plan to expand the list of foreigners to allow retirees with homes to enter the country. This also includes [...] » More

Hong Kong media tycoon arrested under security law

Hong Kong media tycoon arrested under security law

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Aljazeera | 10:20 AM

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been arrested under the territory’s national security legislation and accused of “colluding with foreign powers” in the [...] » More

Don’t let the victors define morality Hiroshima was always indefensible

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | The Guardian | 10:08 AM

“If we’d lost the war, we’d all have been prosecuted as war criminals.” So said Curtis LeMay after America obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki with two [...] » More

Japan’s Abe to avoid visit to war-linked shrine on 75th war anniversaryJiji

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 10:07 AM

Prime minister Shinzo Abe will refrain from visiting the Yasukuni shrine for war dead on the 75th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in World War Two, Jiji news agency said [...] » More

At least 30 dead in Korea as rain triggers landslides, floods

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 10:05 AM

Landslides and flooding triggered by days of heavy rain in South Korea have left at least 30 people dead and 12 missing, officials said on Sunday (August 9), warning of more [...] » More

N Korea brings aid supplies to border town under lockdown: state media

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 10:02 AM

North Korea’s ruling party has delivered special aid packages of food and medical equipment to residents of Kaesong, near the border with the South, after imposing a [...] » More

US cabinet member to meet Taiwan’s leader

US cabinet member to meet Taiwan’s leader

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 10:00 AM

A US cabinet member was due to meet Taiwan’s leader Monday during the highest level visit from the United States since it switched diplomatic recognition from the [...] » More

US begins highest level Taiwan visit in decades

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 9:55 AM

A senior member of US President Donald Trump’s administration landed in Taiwan Sunday (August 9) for Washington’s highest level visit since switching diplomatic [...] » More

US health chief arrives in Taiwan on trip condemned by China

US health chief arrives in Taiwan on trip condemned by China

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 9:53 AM

US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar arrived in Taiwan on Sunday as the highest-level US official to visit in four decades, a trip condemned by China which [...] » More

HK media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested under China’s national security law

10-Aug-2020 Intellasia | The Telegraph | 9:50 AM

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai has been arrested over suspected collusion with foreign forces under the new national security law, his top aide said on Twitter, in what is [...] » More