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Taiwan’s MOI plans to charge NT$900 for reissue of digital ID card

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Taiwanese on a budget will have to pay closer attention to where they place their digital ID cards in the future, because the new fee for a reissue is NT$900 (US$30), [...] » More

Taiwan to restrict mercury-added product imports from 2021: EPA

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | CNA | 6:02 AM

Taiwan will prohibit the import of certain products containing mercury starting 2021, in line with an international agreement which aims to gradually reduce global mercury [...] » More

China Can Capture Taiwan In Three Days, Say Former US Officials

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Forbes | 6:02 AM

In three days, China can seize Taiwan and the United States will be too paralysed by political turmoil to stop it. That’s the argument made by two former top US [...] » More

China holds military exercises as US boosts relations with Taiwan

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | NY Post | 6:02 AM

China conducted rare military drills in four regions, including the Yellow Sea and the South China Sea, as the US envoy to Taiwan attended a military memorial service with [...] » More

Where does Biden stand on China and Taiwan?

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | The Hill | 6:02 AM

With the 2020 Democratic Convention in the books, editorialists and foreign policy experts are speculating on where the party’s standard-bearer, Joe Biden, stands on [...] » More

MOFA welcomes Czech Senate president ahead of delegation’s arrival on Sunday

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

The highest-profile Czech delegation to visit Taiwan since the Central European nation gained its independence is set to arrive August 30 for a five-day visit. Taiwan’s [...] » More

US, Taiwan issue joint declaration on 5G security

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM

Taiwan and the US vowed on Wednesday (August 26) to promote awareness about the risks 5G networks pose and jointly develop guidelines and standards for 5G applications. The [...] » More

Korea orders striking doctors back to work amid surge in coronavirus cases

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Reuters | 6:02 AM

South Korea ordered doctors in the Seoul area to return to work on Wednesday as they began a three-day strike in protest of several government proposals, including one to [...] » More

N Korea Doesn’t Trust China to Protect It

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Foreign Policy | 6:02 AM

When North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping met for the first time in March 2018, the official topics of discussion were predictable: peace, [...] » More

Mask-wearing employees at Starbucks in Korea avoid coronavirus infection following outbreak: officials

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Foxnews | 6:02 AM

An outbreak of the novel coronavirus at a Starbucks cafe in Paju, South Korea, infected dozens of customers but at least four of the location’s employees were spared, [...] » More

As Korea revises abortion law, Catholics mobilise to protect unborn life

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Angelus News | 6:02 AM

For more than 500 days a demonstrator has stood before South Korea’s government offices in a protest against the Constitutional Court’s decision to end the [...] » More

Kim Jong Un’s sister may have taken over a key N Korean post, Korean officials say

Kim Jong Un’s sister may have taken over a key N Korean post, Korean officials say

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | CNN | 6:02 AM

Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong is effectively running one of the most important political bodies in North Korea, officials in Seoul believe, according to South [...] » More

N. Korea’s Kim issues warning on virus as health speculation swirls

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | AFP | 6:02 AM

North Korean state media on Wednesday showed leader Kim Jong Un at a meeting of a top committee issuing warnings about the coronavirus and a looming typhoon, following [...] » More

Thousands of Korean doctors strike amid COVID-19 resurgence

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Aljazeera | 6:02 AM

Tens of thousands of doctors launched a full-scale strike nationwide on Wednesday, defying a return-to-work order and threats of punishments to protest of the [...] » More

Unexpected Mystery Submarine In N Korea

27-Aug-2020 Intellasia | Forbes | 6:02 AM

There are very few countries that can build an entirely new class of submarine without the rest of the world knowing. Submarine technologies and specifications are often [...] » More