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Gathering rules are slightly eased from Monday: PM

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Koreaherald | 5:02 AM

Slightly eased social distancing rules will take effect starting Monday to alleviate the difficulties of small-business owners and the self-employed hit hard by the prolonged [...] » More

PM visits Samsung Biologics, but keeps quiet on availability of Moderna doses

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Koreaherald | 5:02 AM

Prime minister Kim Boo-kyum visited Samsung Biologics’ headquarters in Incheon on Friday but remained silent on how many doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine the [...] » More

Will Samsung SDI benefit from Rivian IPO?

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | KoreaTimes | 5:02 AM

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is keenly observing US electric truck manufacturer Rivian’s moves for an initial public offering (IPO), given the startup’s [...] » More

N Korea steps up efforts to draw attention from US

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | KoreaTimes | 5:02 AM

North Korea appears to have increased its provocative military activities on purpose in a bid to get the attention of the Joe Biden administration, according to Pyongyang [...] » More

Hyundai Motor set to use internally developed chip for upcoming car-media report

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co (005380.KS) plans to use an auto chip it has developed itself for one of its upcoming vehicles next year, the Seoul Economy Daily [...] » More

Korea’s new aircraft carrier could look like a mini HMS Queen Elisabeth

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | CNN | 5:02 AM

South Korea’s planned aircraft carrier could have a distinctly British flavor. In fact, it could be a mini version of the Queen Elisabeth. Hyundai Heavy Industries [...] » More

Demand for apartments higher despite rate hike

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Koreaherald | 5:02 AM

South Korea’s demand for apartments in the capital and its surrounding areas only got higher, despite the central bank’s recent decision to end 15 months of [...] » More

Top financial policymakers agree on need for additional rate hike

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | KoreaTimes | 5:02 AM

Financial Services Commission (FSC) Chair Koh Seung-beom and Bank of Korea (BOK) Governor Lee Ju-yeol clarified their intention to curb the snowballing household debt in [...] » More

Government has long way to go to carry out agreement with healthcare workers’ union

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | KoreaTimes | 5:02 AM

The government is facing a pile of tasks to carry out an agreement it reached with unionised healthcare workers to improve their working conditions amid their worsening [...] » More

Seoul nearing completion of massive ballistic missiles

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | KoreaTimes | 5:02 AM

The military is seeking to develop massive ballistic missiles, which some believe hold the same destructive power as tactical nuclear weapons. According to the Ministry of [...] » More

Huawei’s latest repeater offers Korea glimpse into 5G technology

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | KoreaTimes | 5:02 AM

Chinese telecommunication equipment maker Huawei said Friday that it has supplied its latest repeater BladAAU Pro to Switzerland mobile carrier Sunrise UPC. Huawei said its [...] » More

The Korean proletariat

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | KoreaTimes | 5:02 AM

Thursday morning was spent discussing the plight of delivery drivers in Korea as part of a live radio show. “Not all heroes wear capes,” I exclaimed in an effort [...] » More

S. Korea to extend toughest social-distancing rules in capital for 1 month

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Macaubusiness | 5:02 AM

South Korea decided on Friday to extend its toughest social-distancing rules in the capital area for one more month amid the continued COVID-19 resurgence. The Level 4 [...] » More

Bento looks for collective solution after Son’s Korea struggles

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

Head coach Paulo Bento wants his South Korea team to work together to find a solution to their scoring problems rather than leaning on the talent of Tottenham Hotspur’s [...] » More

Watchdog says law mandating higher education for foreign teachers discriminatory

06-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Koreaherald | 5:02 AM

The current law requiring only foreigners to have a higher education qualification to teach at local cram schools, or hagwon, is discriminatory, the state human rights [...] » More