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Taiwan-made drones to be deployed in upcoming Han Kuang exercise

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 5:02 AM

The second-generation Teng Yun unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), developed by the National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST), has been conducting extensive [...] » More

Taiwan reports 7 local COVID cases, no deaths

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 5:02 AM

The Central Epidemic Command centre (CECC) on Wednesday (September 8) reported seven new local COVID-19 cases. Health minister and CECC head Chen Shih-chung announced nine [...] » More

Taiwan exports grow for 14th straight month in August to record high

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Focustaiwan | 5:02 AM

Taiwan’s exports hit a new monthly high in August, marking the 14th consecutive month of year-on-year growth, driven by solid demand for tech items and raw materials, [...] » More

‘Taiwan and Japan are not friends, we are family members’: deputy defense minister

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 5:02 AM

Japan’s deputy minister for defense, Yasuhide Nakayama, made a surprise drop in via remote call to a conference on Japan-Taiwan relations held at the Chang Yung-fa [...] » More

Taiwan August export value hits record for second time straight, says MOF

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Digitimes | 5:02 AM

Taiwan recorded a total export value of $39.55 for August 2021, hitting a monthly record for the second consecutive time with a growth of 4.2 percent on month and 26.9 [...] » More

New cases spike to over 2,000 again; rising infections in greater Seoul worrisome

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Yonhap | 5:02 AM

South Korea’s daily new coronavirus cases surged to over 2,000 again in a week on Wednesday as authorities step up antivirus efforts and the vaccination drive to curb [...] » More

S. Korea reports 2,050 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Arirang | 5:02 AM

We begin with the COVID-19 situation in South Korea. Yet another high number of new cases to report over the past 24 hours. Wednesday tallies are usually the highest of the [...] » More

N Korea promotes general to ruling party’s powerful presidium

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Mvariety | 5:02 AM

North Korea has elevated a general long seen as a rising star in the country’s powerful military and a major player in its missile programme to a position in the [...] » More

Internet giants take fire in Korean echo of China crackdown

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Bloomberg | 5:02 AM

Kakao Corp. and Naver Corp. plummeted, set for the biggest declines in years, after South Korean lawmakers warned the nation’s internet giants against abusing their [...] » More

Korea’s ‘Gen MZ’ leads rush into the ‘metaverse’

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

South Korean engineer Shaun has big plans to develop the parcels of land he has snapped up for millions of won (thousands of dollars) in recent years into long-term [...] » More

S. Korea opens annual international security forum

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Koreaherald | 5:02 AM

An annual international security forum hosted by the defense ministry kicked off in Seoul on Wednesday for discussions on situations on the Korean Peninsula and the [...] » More

BOK forecast to hike key rate again in November

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Yonhap | 5:02 AM

South Korea’s central bank is expected to raise its interest rate in November to cope with concerns over a financial imbalance, a report said Wednesday. “The Bank [...] » More

Factbox: What is the ‘metaverse’ and how does it work?

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Reuters | 5:02 AM

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked huge interest in shared virtual environments, or the “metaverse”. Here’s how it works: WHAT IS THE METAVERSE? [...] » More

Financial firms ask regulators to keep hands off internal affairs

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Yonhap | 5:02 AM

South Korea’s financial services lobby groups have called on regulators to take a step back from their involvement in corporate internal affairs, industry sources said [...] » More

Major Korean conglomerates set up council for hydrogen economy

09-Sep-2021 Intellasia | Yonhap | 5:02 AM

The heads of South Korea’s major conglomerates on Wednesday launched a business council to foster hydrogen as a clean energy source and expand its value chain. Heads of [...] » More