Destinations with the best hotels: report

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Travellers hitting up cities like Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Venice are the most likely to be satisfied with their hotel stay, according to a new report that looked at the destinations with the highest overall hotel guest ratings.

After combing through data from their 11 million guest reviews, has come up with a ranking of the cities and countries with the best guest-rated hotels.

At the city level, Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Venice emerged the best destinations for hotels, as guests gave an average 4.0 rating on a five-star scale for hotels in the cities.

On a country level, travellers to Monaco – a destination for the wildly rich and famous – came out on top, with an average hotel guest rating of 4.4, followed by French Polynesia, Turks and Caicos, the Cayman Islands and Slovenia.

In the US, Washington DC and Boston shared the top spot for best hotels.


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