DHgate’s Diane Wang Meets Donald Trump at APEC Vietnam

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BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On November 10th at the APEC State Gala Dinner, DHgate.com
CEO Diane Wang met with US President Donald Trump under the APEC theme
Creating New Dynamism, Fostering a Shared Future. Wang and Trump both
share a passion for creating jobs and incubating entrepreneurs. During
the APEC summit, Diane Wang put emphasis on the incubation of
entrepreneurship and job growth potential from increased cooperation on
mutually beneficial digital trade between nations in the APEC region.
This initiative leverages digital platforms, which lower the entry bars
for SMEs, granting them access to global markets and internet finance.

Creating Jobs and Entrepreneurs

For the past 13 years, DHgate has been empowering SMEs by creating
entrepreneurs and jobs through their digital platform which empowers
SMEs in China to sell their products to SMEs all over the world. SMEs
who source with DHgate, then in turn resell the goods on local
e-commerce platforms. The top market for SME cooperation with Chinese
SMEs through digital trade is the United States.

DHgate founder and CEO Diane Wang is one of three business leaders
representing China to APEC. For the past few years, Diane has been
advocating for Digital Trade and SME empowerment. Cross-border
e-commerce through a digital platform is empowering SMEs to access new
global opportunities forming a new globalization through digitalization.

The Age of the SME

According to Ms. Diane Wang, “the digital era, is the best time for

Observing a real life example of how a village woman with physical
disabilities changed her fate through digital platforms. Ms. Dong
Liqiong, a disabled woman in from Qingchuan, Sichuan, China, is the
perfect example of an underdog who beat the odds.

Liqiong suffered polio after she was born. She lost her father at 12,
lost her mother at 20, lost her husband in a car accident a few years
after they got married. Tragedy has knocked on her door over and over
again, but deep inside, she knew she had to stand up. Two years ago, she
met e-commerce, right after, she opened an online account, started to
sell local grown farm products through e-commerce. Today, she hired 7
disabled employees to grow the business, just like herself. She said,
“thanks to technology, now, she can stand up, as she always wanted.”

Now through digital platforms, more and more people like Liqiong are
starting their own businesses; more and more villages are turning into
“e-commerce villages,” people are getting out of poverty, walking
towards a brighter future.

About DHgate

DHgate.com is the first to market and the biggest B2B cross border
e-commerce marketplace in China, providing global importers with quality
products at competitive prices. Founded in 2004, DHgate.com has
approximately 10 million global buyers from 227 countries and regions,
with 1.4 million global sellers offering 40 million products in 8


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