Domino’s Pizza in Vietnam accelerates to lead the world

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“We are good. We are fast”With the major change plan marking a strong return, we are confident to bring our customers great experiences about products and services. We believe we can connect and please all Vietnamese customers.

The society is growing so the living standards of modern people are improved and diversified. In order to adapt to the hustle and bustle of life, we must use a reasonable amount of time, thereby forming a fast food selection habit. Pizza was born not only the crystallisation of colorful culture but also helping to save costs and time.

Present in Vietnam on the occasion of the recent grand opening of Domino’s Pizza branch, Joseph Hsu, Regional vice President of Asia and Africa of Domino’s Pizza brand, has shared long-term strategies to develop Vietnam into one of the strongest franchise agents in Asia. Outperforming major brands in the pizza market, Domino’s Pizza asserts its leading position with the strategies and differential advantages that come from products and services.

The number of Domino’s Pizza stores is rising globally and the Vietnamese market is now considered the fastest-growing one and creates much impact to the brand’s development in Asia. Could you please elaborate on this growth?

We affirm “Domino’s Pizza” is a global brand with 16,900 stores in 91 countries. Besides the United States, India is the largest international market, operating more than 1200 stores across 264 cities. In addition, China is also an abundant market with its fast growing volume and powerful expansion plans. We also believe that Vietnam is a potential market with nearly 100 million people. And I was really impressed with the great progress when a series of branches was launched frantically.

What are the unique characteristics of Domino’s Pizza brand that make distinct advantages compared to other competitors in the international market?

As an American multinational pizza restaurant chain founded in 1960, Domino’s Pizza is one of the pioneer home delivery applications, that has dominated the market for the past 60 years. It is a solid experience for us to confidently promote this advantage to a higher level by applying smart delivery technology, improving product quality, shortening service time and delivery time from 30 minutes to 25 minutes that is also a point to convince our customers. Domino’s Pizza not only committed to the quality of the product, but also satisfied customers through consulting services, dedicated caring by evaluation and monitoring from the time they started participating in the process of ordering pizza until receiving their favourite ones. We also upgrade many online technologies that bring convenience to our customers when choosing Domino’s Pizza with just one click, touching the phone screen and a few seconds of online booking.

Based on network and innovation, what can Domino’s Pizza bring to its customers today, especially Vietnamese customers?

We are confident to bring great values beyond our expectations to customers all over the world, especially Vietnamese, by building delivery lines, improving services, and applying state-of-the-art delivery technology,…We always invest in market research, flexible improvisation and adapting policies, laws and cultural characteristics of each region. Since then, we have been constantly striving for outstanding innovation in products, modern technology, professional services, putting the customer experience as a prerequisite. We lead in any market with delicious pizza, attentive service. With great strides and expected achievements, we believe that we will strengthen our brand for decades and maintain the leading status in the world in many potential markets, especially Vietnam.

Let’s order now to experience and enjoy delicious pizzas with fast delivery in 25 minutes.

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