Don’t beat around the bush, Najib told

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Finance minister Lim Guan Eng has asked his predecessor Datuk Seri Najib Razak to not “beat around the bush” in his latest response to the two men’s bickering over government funds alleged missing from federal accounts.

“I am asking him now, do not try play around with questions while the root of the issue remains unanswered.

“If he wants to avoid answering questions by asking questions, I do not want to be part of this game.

Answer the questions. You (Najib) can run but you cannot hide,” he said after delivering his keynote address at the Rehda Institute CEO Series 2018 at Sunway Putra Hotel here today.

The former prime minister had asked why Lim was so insistent on demanding answers from his predecessor at the finance ministry after Lim had accused Najib of leaving the government with just RM450 million in its Consolidated Revenue Account claiming this was inexplicably RM11.4 billion lower than it was previously.

“If he doesn’t understand or pretends not to understand, or doesn’t want to admit that he is wrong, how am I going to answer all the other questions?

“My questions are simple, really,” Lim added.

Previously Lim questioned how the account went from RM11.86 billion at end 2017 to just RM450 million this April 30.

Lim said instead of explaining how the missing RM11.4 billion was used, Najib had tried to deflect the issue by telling Lim “he should know” since he is the finance minister and can easily access government data.

According to Lim, it was ridiculous that Najib, a finance minister for 10 years, could not differentiate between the government’s Consolidated Fund and Consolidated Revenue Account.

“I only asked him one question and he posed another 17 ridiculous questions.

“If I ask him again, he might ask me another 34,” he said.


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