Dr M: PPBM to ensure no more abuses of Malay benefits

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Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) chair Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the party intends to ensure that the benefits given to the Malay community will not end up being abused by them.

This meant leakages will be stemmed, that the Malays would also be trained to be financially wise, and the practice of selling Approved Permits to others will be dealt with severely.

“Personal support from your leaders is irrelevant. Only those with the capability, experience and integrity (for jobs) will be chosen,” he said during PPBM’s second anniversary celebrations at Stadium Malawati last night.

Throughout his speech the prime minister had stern words for his party members, saying that they were the final hope for the Malay community to regain their honour.

He said the country’s political realities were such that it meant PPBM had to be race-based.

“The Malays do not believe their fate would be fought for by a non-Malay or mixed party. Their stance has made them fall behind,” he said in his characteristic blunt manner.

Dr Mahathir said the Malays have relied too much on Umno for 61 years to uphold their rights, insomuch that they were blinded to its leaders greed for wealth and power.

“Umno lost track of things, diverting from its original struggle. The leaders enriched themselves regardless of the damage inflicted upon the nation.

“And they (the Malays) were won over by the free money and handouts, never realised their honour and self-respect were destroyed as a result,” he said.

Despite the New Economic Policy’s affirmative action benefiting the Malays, Dr Mahathir said its successes remain unsatisfactory and the need to lessen the economic gap between races must go on.

“It is easier to correct ourselves rather than ask others to correct us so we can reap its rewards.

“Our lack of hard work compared to others, frequently irresponsible, impulsiveness compared to carefully thinking before taking action; I even dare say we are lazy,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said he considered the Malays to typically demand rights, higher wages and positions but frequently shirked from their duties, which in turn had its consequences.

“Investors really dislike hiring us, which triggers complaints to the government. And now foreigners flood the country because of our refusal to work the jobs they are willing to do,” he said.

Dr Mahathir called upon party members to avoid turning PPBM into a clone of Umno under former premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak, and reminded them that the ultimate aim is to ensure equal and just economic distribution to all Malaysians.

“For the rest of the Malays, join us in this struggle and fight. For only we and we alone can repair our standing,” he said.



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