e-condLIFE: Cost of human life and business shut down can be minimized with this new prevention technology

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  • A smarter preventative way to keep family members safe
  • Peace of mind for staff and customers that the premises are being disinfected 24 hours

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Since launching in June 2020, e-condLIFE has been well received and proven to be effective. Dr. Sangeeta Kaur of Klinik Alam Medic in Klang comments that e-condLIFE gave confidence to her staff and feel safe to work. Its patients also feel comfortable since the clinic is certified to conduct COVID-19 Testing, as the product sanitize and purifies against all bacteria & viruses, including coronaviruses.[1]

e-condLIFE computerised release of organic human-friendly INC16K disinfectant is highly efficient in inhibiting viruses on 24 hours basis.
e-condLIFE computerised release of organic human-friendly INC16K disinfectant is highly efficient in inhibiting viruses on 24 hours basis.

Also early this year, a factory in Johor Bahru discovered 40% of staff were tested COVID-19 positive, whereas in the common office in which a unit of e-condLIFE is operating all the staff was tested negative. The Management then decided to install another 14 more units in all the production areas and staff hostels, since it can Sanitize, Purify, Sterilize, Humidify, Ionize & Disinfect the compound & prevent a future outbreak.

About e-condLIFE

The breakthrough lies in its patent-pending approach in its application of INC16K disinfectant which has a long-proven record in killing and stopping the growth of bacteria, fungi & viruses, including coronaviruses[2]. At the same time eliminates molds and mildew, allergens, and odour.

It is extremely efficient and can quickly disinfect an area up to 3,000 sqft by generating humidified micro-vapour filled with NSF & EPA certified food-grade INC16K disinfectant that will:

  • Provides continuous protection, even the machine is switched off, protection continues for the next 24 hours.
  • Once settled on all furniture, fittings, floors, and walls providing a protective layer and any viruses coming into contact will be deactivated.
  • Emits air with high oxygen content and negative ions.

The secret behind this effective virus disinfection lies in the ionic nano copper biocidal mechanism. Copper ions settled at the membrane of the virus-cell. As it enters the cell, it blocks the enzyme system of the virus, thereby terminating the reproduction of the microorganism.

e-condLIFE is also effective in killing molds & mildew, eliminate the allergen, pet dander & dust mites, eliminate haze and smoke as well remove odour & stale air.

Besides home use, it is suitable for all businesses including clinics, hospitals, supermarkets, hair salons, fitness centres, restaurants, hotels, hostels, etc.

e-condLIFE is endorsed by the Malaysian Medical Association KOOP. It is also certified internationally by TUV, CB, CE, and locally by Suruhanjaya Tenaga, SIRIM, and Safety Authority Singapore.

Eco Awareness Sdn Bhd is looking for distributors throughout Malaysia and all over the world.

[1] Source: Evaluation of INC-Ion solution effects on Coronavirus 043 Reports by University Malaysia Sarawak

[2] Source: Preliminary data of Anti-Coronavirus activity of INC (Ionic Cupric Copper) by Beijing University of Technology



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