Easy money? Singaporeans poke fun at job ad offering S$1,360/hour for retail assistant

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Anyone in the market for a cushy career switch?

A job ad by local bakery chain Swee Heng got Singaporeans all excited today when they saw the salary stated on the poster. Apparently, the company is flourishing so wonderfully in this economy that it’s willing to pay an hourly rate of S$1,360 (US$990) for a retail assistant to work six days a week at its Chai Chee outlet. Sounds like easy money and we’re so here for it.

A photo of the job ad was shared on multiple Facebook pages today, including on the District Singapore page, where it has gotten nearly 200 eager shares.

Surely that’s too good to be true, or we’d all be rushing to call the bakery in the hopes of earning up to S$10,000 on a daily basis. Who cares if you have to smell like flour or hang around carbs all day long? Even better, the job comes with extra cash if you work night shifts or on weekends, according to Swee Heng’s hiring notice.

However, just like the cynical ones among us suspected, it later surfaced that the job ad did contain an error. The company was actually only offering a monthly salary of S$1,500 to S$1,900 for the role. Soz to those who already called HR.

Swee Heng posted the clarification at about 4pm today, several hours after the job ad made its rounds online, to “apologise for the confusion.” The company also said that it has since uploaded the revised hiring notice onto its Facebook page.

But that didn’t stop Singaporeans from poking fun at the mistake.



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