Education Malaysia ready to assist return of international students

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Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is ready to facilitate the safe return of international students to Malaysia, following the government’s announcement that five categories of students can soon be on campus.

EMGS said it was ready to cooperate with the higher education institutions, the health ministry and the Immigration Department to develop stringent standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the international students’ return.

EMGS is wholly-owned by the Education Ministry and operates a one-stop-centre for international student services together with the Immigration Department.

EMGS said that as institutions embark on online learning, institutions must take necessary actions to ensure students would not be left behind, as some face restrictions of Internet access.

“Therefore, EMGS believes that attention must also be given to the international students returning to Malaysia to continue with their studies.

“International students that fall under the five categories as outlined by the Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) can return to their campus.

“As we know, Australia and New Zealand are among the countries that have their borders reopened for international students to return to the campus.

“In this regard, EMGS is ready to cooperate with the HEIs, the health ministry and the Immigration Department to develop stringent SOPs to ensure the international students are safe to return to Malaysia,” said EMGS in a statement on Saturday (May 30).

The Higher Education Ministry recently said that all university lectures must be conducted online, with no face-to-face lessons allowed, until December 31, but exceptions are given to five categories of students.

They include final semester and final year students who do not have proper Internet access and are in an unconducive environment for online teaching and learning, who can return to campus on July 1 to use the campus’ infrastructure for online learning.

The categories also include postgraduate students in research mode who are required to be physically present in laboratories, workshops and design studios or rely on specialised equipment for their research.

Final semester and final year students doing certificate, Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree studies who need to carry out clinical work, practicals, laboratory work, workshops, work in design studios, or are in need of specialised equipment, could also resume their courses at their respective campuses on July 1.

EMGS said that the gradual process of returning students from the five categories outlined by the Ministry will allow the institutions to re-strategise in line with the new norms.

“The operations of institutions being allowed systematically would bring a sigh of relief for public universities and private higher education institutes besides convincing investors and stakeholders.

“EMGS hope that Higher Education Institutes will take precautionary steps and follow the SOPs given by the health ministry and the Higher Education Ministry.

“The students should be open in adapting to the new norms,” added EMGS.


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