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Theatre audiences of Singapore returns to the Esplanade

Theatres on the Bay as it reopens for the impassioned performance of All the world is one’s stage by leading bilingual theatre company, Toy Factory Productions Ltd; as it pays homage to the soul of one’s artistry shining forth in any forms of adversities. With the closure of performing venues and cancellation of live performances since March 2020 due to the global pandemic, the Singapore’s performing arts sector was hit with uncertainties; many have turned to creating alternative digital theatre presentations however, most would agree that the magic of a theatre performance becomes amiss without an actual live stage performance. Gradually in December 2020, with the reopening of indoor live performances, Singapore arts and culture organisations will begin to head back to theatre.

“All the world is one’s stage was created to explore the warm glow in our hearts that illuminates the earthly ground we all claim as home; the show is dedicated to our audience who loves and misses experiencing the magic of theatre.”, chimed Toy Factory’s Chief Artistic director, Goh Boon Teck when asked about his intention of presenting this original masterpiece.

In All the world is one’s stage, the inspiring memoirs of four Singapore theatre veterans are intricately fleshed out as introspective soliloquies, performed by the veterans themselves alongside with 4 other younger actors as their younger selves.

At heart, the play invites audiences to the front seat of one’s pursuit towards living a full life; a cleverly devised mirror to gently remind all of us that there is a life awaiting to be fulfilled, even in dire times.

“All the world is one’s stage reminds us that theatre is just about our human experiences-our memories of growing up, our struggles with identity, the choices we make; this is not a play about grand gestures or big emotions but it is a play where you can step in and out of yourself into someone’s world.”, quipped Yvonne Tham, CEO of Esplanade when asked about the significance of the play.

Staged in a grand 1,800-seater theatre, the play is being performed to up to 250 audience members per show, due to the Safe Management Measures that are to be observed at indoor live performances. Similarly, the set design comprises wide beige tents, whilst the actors seamlessly distanced from one another; in the centre of it all lies a campfire that glows steadily throughout the play cleverly thought out reflection of the society in its current state and a kindling reminder of our human experiences.

“I am honoured to have worked closely with fellow theatre-makers of Singapore, we sincerely hope that in the 100 minutes that you are with us, you will feel that we share the stage, we share the same world; and perhaps, the world is not that bad after all.”, Goh Boon Teck answers optimistically with a smile.

Synopsis of All the world is one’s stage Four well-known veteran actors of the Singapore stage, dedicated their lives to their art, wrestling with their dreams and struggles yet they have always exuded the values of love, respect, passion and resilience. What keeps them going all these years, and what inspiring stories can we unearth from their lives, both in and outside of theatre?

From the humble back stages of school productions, to the centrestage of roaring applause in grand halls, a veteran actor recounts how his love for the arts was ignited, and steadily kindled through the different chapters of his life.

An advertising apprentice stumbles into a theatre; it is love at first sight what makes him want to dedicate his entire being to pursue a new career of performing?

A university schoolgirl daydreams of perfection, or is she in truth yearning for peace of mind? As she looked into her heart for guidance, others around begin to lean in to listen to her soulful voice.

A teacher’s passion for acting shines through, she cherishes each moment she lives on stage. It is a dream she yearns for all her life, as she constantly struggles to find a balance between her love for her work, family expectations and the magic created on stage.

All the world is one’s stage is an Esplanade Commission, directed by Goh Boon Teck alongside co-directors Alvin Chiam and Ric Liu. Produced by Toy Factory Productions, this captivating performance of heartfelt life-stories features a celebrated cast of acclaimed veterans Yong Ser Pin, Liow Shi Suen, Johnny Ng and Ong Teck Lian, together with talented actors Timothy Wan, Neo Hai Bin, Jodi Chan and Liew Li Ting. It is a window into Singapore’s past, and a look at what the future might hold, off and on the stage.

About Toy Factory Productions Ltd Founded in 1990, Toy Factory has had a rich history being a part of Singapore’s amazing arts scene, generating a body of original and unique stories for Asia and beyond.

Priding itself on its all-inclusive approach, theatre-maker is an advocate to creating a legacy of original Asian stories and quality adaptations on stage-often toggling between vastly different languages, dialects and styles in order to present the purest form of theatrical storytelling onto Singapore’s main stage.

Toy Factory often ventures beyond Singapore to share its stories to the rest of the region. Between its inception and today, Toy Factory has collaborated with and worked with numerous different associations and festivals in major cities all around the world.

Above all otherworldly factors, Toy Factory believes in creating an experience for the audience that will bring the world together: to share, to love and to be.

About Esplanade Theatres on the Bay Esplanade is Singapore’s national performing arts centre. It has a year-round line-up of about 3,500 live performances presented by Esplanade, its partners and hirers. Esplanade also brings the arts virtually to audiences in Singapore and beyond, through its diverse range of digital programmes on Esplanade Offstage, an all-access backstage pass to the performing arts and guide to Singapore and Asian arts and culture, with videos, podcasts, articles, quizzes and resources.

As an arts centre for everyone, Esplanade also creates opportunities for seniors, youth, children and underserved communities to experience the arts. More than 70 percent of the shows that take place each year at the centre are non-ticketed.

The centre works in close partnership with local, regional and international artists to develop artistic capabilities and content, push artistic boundaries and engage audiences.

Esplanade supports the creation of artistic content by commissioning and producing new Singapore and Asian work for the international stage. It also develops technical capabilities for the industry nationally.

To bring even more of the arts to a wider audience and provide more platforms to support Singapore’s next generation of artists, Esplanade is building a new theatre along its busy waterfront. Named Singtel Waterfront Theatre, the 550-seat venue will open in 2022.

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay is operated by The Esplanade Co Ltd (TECL), which is a not-for-profit organisation, a registered Charity and an Institution of a Public Character. The Charity Council awarded TECL the Charity Governance Award Special Commendation for Clarity of Strategy in 2016, and the Charity Transparency Award for four consecutive years since 2016.

TECL receives funding support from Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and its Community Programmes are supported by Tote Board Family, comprising Tote Board,

Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

Visit for more information and for an all-access backstage pass and insider’s guide to Singapore and Asian arts and culture.


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