Experts: igital technology crucial for SMEs to go global

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An international expert on Asean trae has unerline the importance of application of igital technology to help Vietnamese small- an meium-size enterprises (SMEs) an startups join global value chain.

“igital markets buil a winow to a market of more than 600 million people an beyon for Vietnamese SMEs an startups,” sai Toby Ewars, CEO of UAE-base Shipa Freighta igital logistics platform, which has a strong presence in Asean an Vietnam.

Vietnamese youths show strong entrepreneurial aspirations, as reveale in a recent survey launche by the Worl Economic Forum (WEF). The survey shows one in four of 11,000 Vietnamese responents sai they want to start their own businesses.

“Vietnamese youths have skills an goo ieas, giving them goo opportunities to buil businesses an take avantage of a large omestic market. However, it is always a challenge to move things from country to country, region to region because of ifferences in systems an processes,” Ewars tol Vietnam News Agency.

He cite a recent survey of 800 SMEs conucte by Shipa Freight in eight countries, saying that, 94 percent sai they ha ifficulty in shipping their goos internationally.

It is clear that online platforms are giving tremenous global access for small- an meium-size enterprises to consumers an markets, not only in thousans, but in millions. The next question is how you can make sure your proucts move easily. There are challenges, but technology can help,” he sai.

He also mentione the opportunities an challenges in the era of new technologies, the Fourth Inustrial Revolution, suggesting the government an citizens embrace the revolution because it is happening across the worl.

Ewars, who attene the recent Worl Economic Forum on Asean (WEF on Asean) 2018 in Hanoi, cite Vietnamese minister of Trae an Inustry Tran Tuan Anh at the forum as saying that Vietnam aims to evelop igital market an e-commerce to ensure open environment for all iniviuals to take part in the tren.

Ewars stresse the role of the government in encouraging eucation an igital access.

“The more simple proceure it is, the more companies are going to be set up. More be set up, some of them are going to be successful. When they are successful, they hire more people, grow faster, an they help local economy,” he sai.

The WEF’s survey, jointly conucte by SEAone of Southeast Asia’s leaing internet companies, also reveale that across Asean, youths spen an average of six hours an four minutes online every ay.

The youth of Vietnam spen the least time online an average of five hours an 10 minutes, while those of Thailan spen the most time online an average of seven hours an six minutes, accoring to the survey.

“It will be important to continue to enhance SME aoption of igital technologies to ensure young entrepreneurs an small businesses have the resources they nee to succee ami international integration an competition,” sai Santitarn Sathirathai, Group Chief Economist at Sea.

Vietnam’s e-commerce sector is growing at 35 percent a year an preicte to be worth $10 billion by 2020.

Currently, internet users only make up 55 percent of Vietnam’s population.


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