Famous ‘Bikini Hiker’ Gigi Wu Freezes to Death on Her Solo Hike in Taiwan

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People who are passionate about mountaineering have their own ways of scaling the peaks. But in an effort to be unique, it can be risking the lives to great dangers. As in the case of Gigi Wu or the bikini hiker. Also known as Wu Chi-yun, this mountaineering girl was famous to the world for scaling mountains in swimwear. But her same habit has resulted in her death as she froze to death while her recent solo hike in Taiwan’s Yushan National Park. Satyarup Siddhanta Becomes World’s Youngest Mountaineer to Climb 7 Volcanic Peaks.

The 36-year-old was found dead by a search party who went on to rescue her. What triggered her death was her serious fall into a 65ft ravine. Gigi Wu had left for a solo hike on January 11, but she sustained severe injuries after he stumbled off a ravine. She was still able to make a distress call to her friend using a satellite phone. She contacted her friend on January 19 and informed about her inability to move due to her injuries. Australian Mountaineer Steve Plain Climbs Seven Peaks Including Mount Everest in Just 117 Days!

National Airborne Service Corps sent Black Hawk helicopters to rescuer her at the location, not once but thrice. But the weather wasn’t suitable for the helicopters to land. So eventually two search parties comprising of three members each were sent to the spot where her body was found after searching for another 28 hours. Her distress beacon was activated at an altitude of 5,577 feet above the sea level. The night temperatures here fell to about 2 degree Celsius.

Wu had made a name for herself and also garnered a large fan following with her stunning pictures. Clad in just a bikini or moderate clothing, she had scaled Taiwan’s highest peaks. Friends and fans are mourning the loss of this beauty, as she passed away doing something that she loved the most.



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