Filipinos share messages of hope and gratitude to bank frontliners amid lockdown

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As the world awaits cure for the novel coronavirus, the measures to cut the rate of spread and flatten the curve remain limited to two things: physical distancing and mass testing.

While the latter is yet to roll out across the archipelago, the former, if followed strictly, will lower the risk of exposing others to the virus. It is a sacrifice we all must do, one that will save lives more than we realize.

So we stay at home and take stock of supplies, rationing as we go along. Only when absolutely needed do we venture out to replenish essentials—food, water, and medicine—which we can only avail of if we have access to our savings via banks.

Our banking personnel play an integral role during this crisis. While most of the Herculean heavy-lifting go to our tireless health care workers, those in the financial services sector also put their lives on the line—in the name of public service.

As they continue to go to work every day, their efforts surely do not go unnoticed. Here, we can read what the banking public has to say.

‘We will get through this’

As a businesswoman and mom of three, Anna Pantoja is satisfied with how people are committing to social distancing during her recent visit to a BDO branch.

Though their and their families’ safety remains a challenge, bank staff still proves to be steadfast in their roles daily, and she is grateful to them.

“Thank you for your dedication to your work! We will all get through this! Kapit lang. Praying for all of you!” she said.

Safety is vital

For Anna Rae Buenaventura, she prays that her brother will always put safety first. He and his wife are one of the brave souls charging on as part of a skeletal workforce for BDO. The couple does not own a car for transportation.

“Thank you for your hard work, patience, perseverance, and for continuing daily to serve us daily,” she said to them.

Sacrifice and dedication

For 32-year-old Jordana Llamas, a manager and content creator, her experience at the BDO Cash and Carry branch had been seamless.

“I came to pick up some cash and despite the long lines, I was able to get the transaction done very smoothly. The wait time was not that long at all and they treated all their customers the same. They are kind people who care about their customers. I will never bank with anyone else,” she said.

She also noted the staff’s efficient service despite lots of customers visiting that day and despite the stress and difficulty in commuting every day.

“To all bankers standing in the frontlines who are currently helping in the COVID-19 situation, we applaud your sacrifice and dedication to serve our fellow countrymen during this difficult time. Thank you, heroes!” she said.

Professionalism at its finest

Dhave Villanueva, a 43-year-old architect, recalled how he was at ease during his recent banking experience.

“Like it’s a normal day. But of course I can imagine how worried they must be, especially because of the escalating numbers of COVID-19 patients they hear on the news. Then they have to head back home. Interacting with their loved ones is the most challenging because of course, you do not want to bring the virus to them,” he said.

“It’s inspiring na makita na sa kabila ng pangamba ay ginagawa pa rin nila ang trabaho nila bilang frontliners. I feel lucky and appreciative of their sacrifices. Naniniwala ako na as frontliners, you are considered as modern heroes talaga. Thank you sa inyo,” he added.

Driven by duty

King David Javier Agreda, meanwhile, flexes his wife, as one of BDO’s frontliners who soldiers on despite her desire to just stay home and take care of the family during this tough time.

It’s the call of duty that drives her. So driven in fact, that she even bikes to and from work.

“Her service calls her to serve and help people. She knows that this is her top priority. So I am so proud of her, and everyone in the banking industry in this difficult time,” Agreda said.

“I am praying for everyone’ safety and continuous guidance from the Lord. Thank you for the heroic act,” he added.

Heroes find ways

The work that our brothers and sisters in the banking industry is irreplaceable. Like them, we should do our part. Our discipline in observing quarantine and distancing measures will determine the country’s fate in the coming weeks. It may as well be the best thanks we can give all our frontliners.

Let’s all stay at home and ride out the storm.


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