Finance Ministry readies Rp414 trillion for 2022 PEN Programme

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Finance minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati confirmed that her ministry has budgeted Rp414 trillion (around $28.9 billion) for the National Economic Recovery (PEN) Programme in 2022 to assist residents and businesses next year.

“We have prepared Rp414 trillion for the 2022 PEN Programme in healthcare, social benefits, and economic recovery enhancement posts,” Indrawati stated here on Tuesday.

From the total Rp414 trillion, the ministry has allocated Rp117.9 trillion (around $8.25 billion) for healthcare, Rp154.8 trillion (around $10.8 billion) for social benefits, and Rp141.4 trillion (around $9.89 billion) for economic recovery, the minister revealed.

Budget allotment in healthcare and social benefits is open for revision based on developments in the handling of COVID-19 and actual needs, the minister stated.

The total budget allotted for economic recovery is based on existing programmes of ministries and institutions, fund transfer to regional governments, and other finances, currently, on provisional figures pending the final number, she explained.

In detail, the budget allotted in the healthcare post would be allocated for COVID-19 testing, tracing treatment, COVID-19 patients’ treatment under the cost-sharing scheme with the BPJS social security agency, and incentives for health workers, Indrawati expounded.

The budget will also be allocated for the provision of vaccine doses, vaccine tax incentives, healthcare treatment in regions, and other necessities in the healthcare field, she stated.

Meanwhile, budget allocation in the social benefits post would be divided into the family benefits programme targeting 10 million recipients; basic foods benefits targeting 18.8 million recipients; unemployment benefits for 2.9 million recipients; and other benefits allocated for residents that have lost their jobs as well as villagers, the minister informed.

The budget allocated in the economic recovery enhancement post would be allotted in infrastructure and connectivity development; tourism and creative economy industries; food resilience programme; industrial areas development; government investments; tax incentives; and other benefits for business actors, she stated.

“As in the 2021 planning, we are optimistic that the budget management in ministries, government institutions, and regional governments must remain flexible. We also hope to no longer experience another surge in COVID-19 cases, as we must ensure that the social and economic activities’ recovery continued,” Indrawati remarked. trillion-for-2022-pen-programme


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