First Code Academy seeking franchisees in Vietnam

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Hong Kong-based Academy looking to provide STEM and coding education in Vietnam under the franchise model.

First Code Academy (FCA), one of Asia’s largest coding schools, is searching for franchisees in Vietnam with the VF Franchise Consulting Company, to provide young Vietnamese learners with digital literacy and computational thinking skills and empowering them to become creators with technology to enter the world’s digital era.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, FCA now has over 5,000 students taking regular semester classes and holiday camps in learning centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. Using proprietary curriculum adapted from Silicon Valley high schools, FCA’s after-school learning programmes are designed to stimulate inquiry-based learning, logical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

The ideal partner must share its vision and mission to educate the next generation to be creators with technology. “We are looking for partners with a passion for education and an entrepreneurial spirit, who are eager to drive the next wave of education and technological change in Vietnam,” Michelle Sun, FCA’s CEO and Founder, told VET. “We see a lot of potential in Vietnam for coding education, and are looking for a partner who is committed long-term to grow and expand the business locally.”

There is a need to understand the market differences as parents are at different stages of prioritising coding education and have different perspectives on integrating coding into their children’s development. “That is a major criterion in our selection of a local partner in Vietnam,” Sun said. “Our ideal partner is someone who has a good understanding and long experience in Vietnam, who will be able to identify needs and concerns unique to parents and education here, so that we can tailor our services to the market.”

Vietnam has always been education-focused, with rapid growth from education providers offering courses in English and math, according to FCA. With rapid development, economic growth, and a young and growing population, the education sector is set for exponential growth as more young families look to invest in their children’s education.

“We see this trend as well in other countries in Asia, where after-school programmes and academic and non-academic classes are in high demand and continue to grow each year,” Sun added. “With relatively few market leaders and education subjects, there is a lot of room for more education providers in a range of services, from academic to non-academic subjects in broad and niche areas.”

Coding education in Vietnam is a relatively new service, with schools only just starting to look into incorporating technology-related education into their programmes. In its experience in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, FCA found that in the initial stages, educating the public about the importance of coding literacy is an important first step.

At the same time, demand for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and coding education often grows in parallel with various factors such as economic growth and technological improvements and it can be seen that there is rising demand for engineering talent to drive growth in the technology sector. With development in all these areas locally and a global focus on STEM education, demand for coding education is poised to grow rapidly in the next few years as parents and students in Vietnam increasingly prioritise coding literacy as an important skill for the 21st century.


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