Five books that kept Najib company in dock during the SRC trial

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Datuk Seri Najib Razak has spent almost 60 days or the equivalent of two months sitting in the dock in the High Court, where he is facing seven charges over RM42 million of 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s (1MDB) former subsidiary SRC International Sdn Bhd. The High Court will be deciding tomorrow on whether Najib will be released of the seven charges in the SRC International trial, or whether the former prime minister would have to put up his defence by presenting evidence and his own set of witnesses on why he is not guilty.

This case is notable for being the first of Najib’s five cases to go on trial, with the prosecution calling 57 witnesses to testify in the span of 57 days from April 3 until August 27 when it rested its case. (The case also came up on October 22 and October 23 for lawyers from both sides to make their final arguments before High Court judge Mohd Nazlan Mohd Ghazali decides if Najib has to enter defence.)

But have you wondered what kept the 66-year-old Najib company in the dock during the SRC trial, when the prosecution was presenting its case and witnesses?

Apart from the two cushions placed by his aides on the wooden bench which he sits and leans on, Najib has also been seen in the dock with his smartphone, water bottles, takeaway cups from coffee chain Gloria Jean’s outlet at the court cafeteria, as well as documents.

Here are the five books that Malay Mail spotted:

1. Dunia Tanpa Tembok by Ayman Rashdan Wong; Jangan Selewengkan Ekonomi Malaysia by Kauthar Rozmal, Khairul Azri and Najib Saahari

The first appearance of books accompanying Najib was on April 15, 2019, which was also the second day of his SRC International trial.

Unlike the first day of trial where a small group of supporters had showed up and chanted Najib’s new nickname “Bossku,” this was a day of relative quiet for Najib.

Najib held two books with red covers as he walked into the Kuala Lumpur court complex, and was seen reading one of them in the dock before trial started.

The two books are published by conservative publisher Patriots Publication, which described Dunia Tanpa Tembok as an analysis of regional and international geopolitics and Jangan Selewengkan Ekonomi Malaysia as shedding light on the economy amid purported propaganda by both sides of the political divide.

2. Z.E.O: How to Get A(Head) in Business by Scott Kenemore

Najib was also seen carrying this book, which has been described as a guide using lessons learnt from zombies and zombie films for success in the workplace and business world and also alternately as a self-help book or parody on books giving advice for the corporate world.

3. Winners and How They Succeed by Alastair Campbell

This book’s author is Alastair Campbell, who was formerly the chief press secretary, spokesman and director of communications and strategy for Tony Blair when the latter was British prime minister.

Campbell, who had helped Blair’s political party to win three general elections, had on his website described the book as an “analysis of what it takes to win in politics, business and sport.”

The cover of the book features names which Campbell considered winners, including Blair, former US presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, the late former South African president Nelson Mandela, German chancellor Angela Merkel and football coach Jose Mourinho.

One of the days that this book was spotted was on May 9, 2019, the anniversary of the day that Najib’s coalition Barisan Nasional was defeated in the 2018 elections.

4. The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene

The best-selling author’s website described this book as examining the motivation and drives of people, or why people do what they do.

The book is also described on the website as containing “tactics for success, self-improvement, and self-defense whether at work, in relationships, or in shaping the world around you.”

5. Bonus: Barisan Nasional’s GE14 manifesto

This is not exactly a book, but also a reading material seen in the dock with Najib.

Exactly one year after leading BN to a historic defeat in the 14th general elections in 2018, Najib was seen on May 9, 2019 flipping through the coalition’s election manifesto booklet which contained promises of what it would do for Malaysians if re-elected into power.

His poring over of the A4-sized booklet took place while his trial proceedings was going on.

This was Day 16 of Najib’s SRC International trial, which was also the day when he denied using his smartphone to take a selfie during court proceedings. (Photography is prohibited in the courtroom).


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