Foreign workers plead for food, medicines in lockdown areas

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Several foreign workers at Menara City One, which has been locked down under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) are crying for help to get their medicines.

Those at Malayan Mansion and Selangor Mansion on Jalan Masjid India, also under EMCO since Tuesday, are anxious about getting enough food.

An Indian worker at Block B of Menara City One, who gave his name as Thallapelly, was worried as his blood pressure pills finish tomorrow.

“Please help me get my medicine or my blood pressure may be hard to control,” he said.

FMT contacted the Indian high commission in Kuala Lumpur and was told to inform Thallapelly to WhatsApp their 24-hour helpline at 018 319 6715 for assistance.

A Pakistani worker, who lives with 10 other foreign workers at Menara City One, said several workers there suffer from chronic health problems.

He said they had received a bag of rice and lentils twice since the lockdown on March 31 but “it is running out in two days”.

“We cannot order online as no one wants to come here,” 30-year-old Karim said.

Talking to FMT through a WhatsApp call, he said they had been living indoors and do not know when the next meal will arrive.

He said there were a lot of daily wage earners at Menara City One who had no clue what to do next.

Another Pakistani worker, Raju Sha, said they were given rice and lentils.

“But there are six of us in the apartment and we are fast running out of food. ”

FMT contacted the Pakistani high commission in Kuala Lumpur where an officer said those who needed help should call them immediately.

Later, the officer told FMT he had spoken to Karim and arrangements had been made to send them more food.

Nepali worker Dev Bahadur, who lives at Selangor Mansion, said they are depending on Malaysians for food and assistance.

“We still have food left from before the lockdown. There are three of us in the flat and we are hoping the Malaysian government will help us.”

Asked if the Nepali embassy here has come forward to help them, he said he had not heard from them. He then told FMT to call him again in 10 minutes.

After 15 minutes, Bahadur said he had called the Nepali embassy in Kuala Lumpur and was informed to tell any Nepali worker to call them for assistance.

“I only came to know about their assistance after contacting them,” he told FMT.

A Bangladeshi worker, who gave his name as Pable, said they are afraid although they had proper permits to work.

He said the three of them at their unit were given 10kg of rice, lentils and Maggie mee.

“Two days ago, a doctor came to check on us. He said we are healthy. We showed our permits that allow us to work here. But he said they were just checking if we are ok.”

Another Indian worker, Thirupathy, from Malayan Mansion, said some of the workers need medical attention.

“When the doctor visits us, other than checking for Covid-19, perhaps they can ask if workers have any other health problems as their medicines are finishing,” he told FMT.

He said they are thankful to Malaysians who have been giving them food. “We have rice, and lentils but there are eight of us. That may not be enough for too long.”

The latest EMCO involves some 6,000 residents in 365 residential and commercial units in the two buildings. Residents are barred from exiting the EMCO area, with barbed wire strewn all over the exits.

Non-residents and visitors, except for police, armed forces personnel and health officials, are prohibited from entering.


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