FORESEE SPI NAND Flash, from Longsys, speeds up Miniaturization of Electronic Products

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SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the upcoming data explosion in the 5G era, the Internet of Everything (IoT) poses higher requirements for storage chips. Despite richer and more intricate functions of the electronic products, their size is getting more compact, and memory chips are developing towards miniaturization. With over 20 years' experience and technical improvements, FORESEE, Longsys' embedded storage brand, launched Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) NAND Flash products, which meet the requirements on miniaturization and portability of mobile electronic products. Upon various tests and verification, it is industry-leading in terms of capacity and performance.


In the past, the functions of electronic products were simple, which requires less programs and codes. Generally, programs stored with NOR Flash would be enough to meet the needs. However, the functions of electronic products now are becoming richer and intricate, which requires a large number of programs and codes. The NOR Flash no longer meets production needs due to its small capacity and high price per unit of capacity. The NAND Flash emerges at this historic moment. Typical NAND Flash small-capacity products range from 1Gb to 4Gb, and the price per unit of capacity is lower than that of the NOR Flash.

FORESEE SPI NAND Flash Products and Their Features

1. 16nm Process, More Advanced

At present, most NAND Flash products available on the market adopt the 2X to 3Xnm process, while Longsys uses 16nm, featuring higher technical edges. Meanwhile, the built-in ECC (4 bit/512 Bytes) unit eliminates the need for MCU which acts as hardware or software ECC, and lowers the requirements for hardware error-correcting capability of the Host. With the SPI Controller solution, only the SPI interface is required for the Host. Consequently, the removal of a conventional NAND controller cuts the costs of the Host.

2. Multi-directional Performance Improvement

With high clock rate, 108 MHz fast access, four-channel I/O data transmission rate up to 432 Mbit/s, the data transmission efficiency is greatly improved. The 2K-byte high-speed cache improves the access performance of the NAND Flash and enables fast random access.

3. High Reliability Ensured by Comprehensive and Rigorous Tests

The SPI NAND Flash products have passed strict reliability verification (such as a HTOL test with 77pcs/3lot 1000hrs) according to JEDEC standards, various rigorous chip-level tests (nearly 50 major items, a total of 80 sub-items) by Longsys R&D and test teams, and the ultrastability test designed by Longsys. The on-off function of the products is verified from multiple perspectives. Therefore, SPI NAND Flash products are highly stable and reliable. In addition, it features high endurance with up to 100,000 program/erase cycles. It also boasts a 10-year data retention, delivering high quality.

4. Larger Secure Storage Space

With a 20K-byte One Time Programmable (OTP) area, where data is not erasable, software encryption can be achieved based on the unique ID of chips. In addition, the 20K byte OTP areas, which are larger than common 16K byte ones, allow more room for securely storing information.

5. WSON Package, Compact Size

It adopts the mainstream WSON package (8mm*6mm) with only 8 chip pins, enabling a compact size which is 80% smaller than the conventional TSOP package (20mm*12mm). In this way, the number of PCB layers and PCB size are reduced, enabling lower design costs.


Currently, the FORESEE SPI NAND Flash products have been widely used in various sectors and presented excellent performance when used in the PON, DVB, IPC, AI speakers, routers, smart access control, smart hardware and other products.

The SPI NAND Flash is only a member of the FORESEE micro-storage product family, which also include the SLC Parallel NAND, DDR, Nand-based MCP, SPI NOR, and T-Flash. Each product has undergone strict high and low temperature test ant tests for aging and wear, program/erase cycles, and overall reliability.

Now the FORESEE micro-storage products have completed AVL verification by 25 main platforms in over 100 main control models. With easy integration, high performance and high compatibility, FORESEE micro-storage products have been delivered to more than 200 customers worldwide.

In the future, FORESEE micro-storage products will serve the booming sectors in an all-round manner, such as the IoT, smart ecology, electric automobiles, vehicle equipment, and smart home. Taking "Products are the soul of the brand, and quality is the life of the brand" as its principle, Longsys keeps delivering high-performance, high-stability storage products and solutions to industry users.


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