Forest peach tree sales for Tet stall, authorities check origin to ensure protection of wild trees

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It is now the peak forest peach sale season as Tet will start in three weeks. However, sales have stalled because local authorities are requiring traceability of origin on products.

Nguyen Van Hieu in the suburban district of Ba Vi in Hanoi has been travelling for the last several days to ask for information about his lot of forest peach branches.

Hieu bought the peach branches from people in Ta Xua, Bac Yen of Son La province. The branches have been seized by appropriate agencies. Hieu has been told that agencies need more time to find out if the peach branches are really from planted forests, or are from the wild.

Trading of wild peach trees is prohibited.

Hieu bought the branches at VND30 million. When he was carrying the branches to Hanoi, he was stopped by officers and asked about the origin.

After coming to the commune’s authorities to ask for information on January 19, he realised that the commune will send a list of planted peach branches to the district, which will send to the province. After the provincial authorities reply, people may then be able to cut peach branches for sale.

“I am afraid that my peach branches will be damaged if they are seized for some more days,” he said.

Hieu said he accepted abandoning this lot of peach branches and take a loss for the deal. However, what he fears is that he can no longer trade peach branches.

“If traders have to wait for traceability and stamping to certify that the peach branches are from planted forests, business opportunities will be missed. People cannot sell peach trees in their gardens,” he warned.

Local authorities have asked Hieu to write an application for certifying branches he bought and the list of sellers in Ta Xua for clarification.

Only after local authorities confirm the peach branches are from planted forests will the branches meet requirements to be carried away from the locality. However, the local authorities did not say how many days they need to clarify the issue. Therefore, Hieu has to wait.

Hieu believes that people in the northwest might be nervous now. The high Tet sale season lasts only 15 days and if local authorities are slow in certifying peach branches, local people will fail to sell peach trees for Tet.

“Trade activities have been suspended,” he said. “The traders I have relations with now dare not go to the northwest to seek peach trees anymore.”

Le Van Duong, a retailer of forest peach in Ha Dong district in Hanoi, also said the trade has become paralysed and he is still listening for information about the situation.

Hoang Thi Chung in Son La complained that she has over 100 peach trees, but still cannot sell the trees. She has to rely on the trees for money to pay expenses for her family.


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