From farm to table: Smart tech breathes new life into traditional businesses in China

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BEIJING, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on China's smart technologies:

From farm to table: Smart tech breathes new life into traditional businesses in China

In a restaurant in Shunde, Guangdong province, meals are prepared by robot chefs, robot greeters meet customers as they arrive and robot waiters deliver food to tables. Here, over 40 catering service robots carry out unique tasks such as serving snacks, making noodles, and delivering dishes.

Having opened in June 2020, the FOODOM Tianjiang Meishi Robotics Restaurant is the world's first restaurant complex staffed by robots. During peak hours, the clay-pot robot can make up to 120 meals per hour, meanwhile, the coffee robot only needs 45 seconds to make a cup of coffee.

It's worth noting that this robotics restaurant was developed by Country Garden, a real estate giant traditionally known for residential property development. During recent years, the company has been making a push into the field of robotics as it diversifies its business operations.

Country Garden established the Qianxi Robotics Group back in May 2019. Last February, the company donated clay-pot robots and ingredients to the epidemic-stricken Hubei province, thus frontline medical workers could have freshly cooked clay-pots after hard work. The unmanned and fully-automated food processing also effectively helped lower the risk of infection.

In addition, last October also saw a live demonstration of the world's first 10,000-mu unmanned farm project, which was co-developed by Country Garden and China's leading food trader Beidahuang Group. Thirty-nine unmanned high-tech agricultural machines from home and abroad operated in the fields, plowing, sowing seeds, spraying pesticides and planting rice seedlings. Each step proceeded in a precise and orderly manner. The project will help China modernize its agriculture, and will further contribute to global agricultural development and food security for all humanity.

Country Garden's move represents a new trend among traditional businesses in China looking toward digital technologies and transformation, in a bid to promote industrial upgrading. This is also a typical example of a company with diversified business plans supporting traditional industries through smart technology.

Having maintained rapid growth for several decades, China's economy has now entered a stage of high-quality development. Meanwhile, the efficiency of traditional industries continues to decline. As such, since 2018, priority has been given to the construction of new types of infrastructure, including technologies such as 5G and AI. This move was also included in the government's work report last year. "New infrastructure" is expected to become an important opportunity for China in coping with the downward pressure on its economy and the transformation and upgrading of businesses.

In this new era, the rapid development and popularization of such information technologies as China's satellite navigation system, 5G network, the Internet of Things and big data, have provided strong technological support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. More importantly, from restaurants staffed by robots to unmanned farms, and from smart transportation to telemedicine, these achievements of industrial transformation have pooled strength from various fields, meeting people's needs for better lives and helping change Chinese society.

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From farm to table: Smart tech breathes new life into traditional businesses in China


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