Frontline worker suggests barring all arrivals amid Covid surge in Taiwan

21-Jan-2021 Intellasia | TaiwanNews | 6:02 AM Print This Post

A Taiwanese frontline medical worker has expressed concern that the country’s medical system will soon be stretched to capacity by the continuing increase in imported coronavirus cases.

In a post on the online forum PTT on Sunday (January 17), the medical worker, who goes by the username Amphibia, pointed out that incoming coronavirus patients are putting healthcare workers under more pressure every day. He said other countries saw their healthcare systems collapse last year and that Taiwan should try to avoid the same fate.

He stressed that medical professionals are risking their lives at work and could easily be exposed to the coronavirus during the course of their duties. Since they are on the front line, they should have more time to rest, he explained.

He urged the government to consider closing its borders to all arrivals until COVID-19 patients currently in the country have recovered. He suggested that the Central Epidemic Command centre reduce “unnecessary battles” for the frontline workers and preserve Taiwan’s medical resources.

Since the start of 2021, Taiwan has recorded a total of 66 coronavirus infections, 57 of which were imported. The nine domestic cases were all tied to a cluster outbreak at Taoyuan general Hospital over the past week.


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