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* The following is the text of the speech by Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, titled ‘Encompassment of a Nation’s Achievement’, at the opening of the 2017 Umno Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings general assembly on December 5 at the Merdeka Hall, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

“Praise be to Allah SWT, Lord of the Worlds, God Almighty. Greetings and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad SAW, his family, companions, and the tabiin.

“And your Lord creates what He wills and He is also the One Who chooses (from any of His creations to perform a task or to be given priority or to be honoured); nobody has the right to choose (other than the choice made by Allah). Limitless is Allah in His glory and sublimely exalted is He above anything to which they may ascribe a share in His divinity!” (Surah Al Qasas, verse 68)

Indeed, I am citing the translation of the above verse as a preamble to my speech, because we, in this Merdeka Hall, are the choosen ones, the leaders to the grassroots. We are the umara’ (leaders) who must ensure the continuation of the spread of “Risalah Nubuwwah” (the message of prophethood).

We must strive to be leaders with the characteristic of “Qudwah Hasanah”, a role model that is the best example for the community.

Tonight, I am standing before my people, to shape the minds of the representatives, from UMNO Padang Besar to the Kudat Division. Here we are in this great hall, consisting of 191 divisions from all over the country, with intention and desire, listening to debates and mandates for the survival of the nation. This is a gathering of the voice of the people, uniting the minds and ideas across various ethnicities and cultures.

Such is the wonder and uniqueness of this gathering. It is as though, when the time comes, everybody from all walks of life would rush to be here. “Bagai, bila tabuh dipalu, tiupan nafiri dimainkan, yang capik datang bertongkat, yang buta teraba-raba, yang tuli leka bertanya, yang jarak tolak-tolakan, yang rendah bertinjau-tinjau, yang dara duduk bersimpuh, yang teruna duduk bersila.” All with the same agenda to forge solidarity in the cause of the people. This is the 2017 Wanita Umno, Youth and Puteri general Assembly. This is our night!

I do not wish to deliberate on the 7 decades of challenges which I brought up during last year’s assembly. I will instead present 7 manifestos of the people that will turn into prodigious ideas. These manifestos will also provide the reasoning and basis for our actions in facing the upcoming 14th general Election.

These are the manifestos before the manifesto. These are the manifestations of our pledge to the people. I believe these 7 manifestos of the people will forever become our guide and belief.

Why do you think I chose the number 7? Reason being, the number 7 appears numerous times in the Quran.

Allah SWT created seven heavens and seven earths,

And perfected them on the seventh day.

Seven seas and seven continents.

Seven phases of human creation.

Seven circumambulations and

Seven rounds of sa’ie in the hajj.

Seven pebbles for stoning of the devils.

Seven takbir in the first rakaat of the Eid prayer.

As decreed by Allah SWT, 7 presidents spearheaded Umno in the last seven decades.

Surely, with Datuk Seri Najib as the seventh Umno president, his challenges are colossal. His challenges greatly differ from those of the previous presidents. In his era, an economic and industrial revolution is born; driven by the explosion of digital technology.

We have now entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution, changing the way humans communicate, interact and trade. It involves the emergence of new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nano technology, quantum technology, biotechnology, 3D-printing and autonomous vehicles.

Apart from that, all electronic devices, whether at home or in the industry, are equipped with software and sensors that enable the devices to share and exchange information between each other. This falls under the Internet of Things or IOT.

It will surely impact the geopolitics, economy, security, society and national education.

Only a dynamic and progressive party is able to withstand this new wave. The policies have never changed, what has changed is the approach. Praise be to Allah, the President, who has an economics background, will surely succeed in carrying us through this ourth Industrial Revolution. The UMNO members from all levels and I will fully support our leader.

The 14th general Elections draw closer. Based on the political ‘waiting period’, the current term will end in June 2018. Before long, we shall together take the field. Come January or March, or whichever month for that matter, we will brave through it. Most importantly, we shall possess a winning mentality. It is not a mere concept, but one that requires spirit, confidence and action.

We shall not look back nor retreat! The torch of our struggles that we bear, much akin to the tale of Tariq Ibni Ziyad, shall be effectuated. But to turn back — never!

Umno shall not LOSE! Umno shall not be DEFEATED! We shall not allow Putrajaya to change hands!


Umno is a political party that remains strong and relevant to this day. Compared to other political parties; UMNO is the most prestigious political party.

At the regional and global levels, Umno is the only political party that continues to rule, that has never been defeated in the elections since 1955. Not that we want to boast nor be arrogant; let alone conceited. We are only stating facts that cannot be denied by anybody. May Allah grant us victory in the upcoming elections.

What is Umno’s formula to remain prestigious? We have practised political universality from the outset to this very day. Just look at how the President and all of us went to Penang to aid the flood victims. To us, the assurance of the people’s safety is our priority.

I am colour blind in three matters. Firstly, humanity. Secondly, education and thirdly, safety. Remember! When the people were hit by the floods, we set aside all political differences.

The moment I was contacted at 3.30 in the morning and begged to help the flood victims, I set aside political differences, I set aside everything. The victims shall receive aid and shelter. Anyone who is beset by a disaster or difficulty will always receive help from BN!

Umno does not hold a narrow agenda in fighting solely for the fate of the Malays. Umno practises inclusive politics. Umno is a battle platform for all people of all races. Umno is the pillar of strength for Barisan Nasional. We are willing to share power with our coalition partners, not only in the peninsula but also in Sabah and Sarawak.

A mature and dynamic political unity in building the nation requires a strong spirit. The recipe for political universality must be passed down. Hence, the National Principles that we have upheld all this time are the key to Umno’s political dynamism.

Political engagement is a principle that bridges differences. When we are faced with an issue or a threat, we should overcome it together. The best example is when we practise the tabayyun and ta’awwun approach wherein the day after the 2016 Umno general Assembly, we, together with the Pas leaders, voiced our concerns over the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya.

Umno and BN practise a politics of civility, supporting and respecting the process of democracy. The culture of anarchy initiated by some political parties in Malaysia only exhibit superficiality and greed. The politics of civility start with the selection of a leader who should possess wisdom.

Thus, in selecting candidates who will be leaders, Umno practises the selection of those befitting the role. In determining the candidates for GE 14, I place mature and dynamic politics as the gauge for candidate selection. This includes candidates who are ‘winnable’, ‘likeable’, ‘capable’, ‘trustable’ and ‘intelligent’.

A leader must possess the quality of “Taqarrub Illallah”, educating and training the self to be in constant servitude, body and mind, to Allah SWT. Therefore Islam advocates that young men and women be educated in the attitude of servitude to Allah and Godliness! The qualities of “Ubudiyyah”, loyalty and devotion to Allah SWT, are the moral compass in guiding us to the path of truth.

I acknowledge that the aura of leadership that is the most difficult to encounter is the quality of being likeable because when someone is selected as a candidate, it will certainly arouse jealousy. Thus, we need leaders who characterise “Qudwah Hasanah”, capable of leading by the best examples.

Distance yourself from bad behaviour such as seeking personal glory. Our struggle is for the party and the agenda of encompassment of nations’s achievement. We must step forward as a mature team. Just like the analogy of a game of sepak takraw, there is a server, a feeder and a striker!

I call upon the entire leadership of Umno to abide by the decision of the President in determining the candidates. Let us be united and unanimously accept the decision of the party President. We need to appreciate the concept of “Jiwa Jama’ie”. Learn to accept the weaknesses and strengths of others and be empathetic to all differences.

Umno is a well-equipped and structured political party that complies with every regulation and the law. Our party itself was declared illegal and we abided by this legal requirement.

We are unlike other parties which disregard regulations and laws. There are opposition parties which refuse to observe the provisions outlined by regulations and laws. Even without holding branch meetings, high-level meetings are abruptly held. The constitution of the party is not observed either. They name their wings as they please. Their administration is self-serving.

A voiceless President, apparently without power, while the Chair reigns supreme, making decisions at his own whims and fancies.

And we have not even mentioned the story of their competing for election seats. Far worse; they have 6 commanders in one ship. Imagine, the ship is sailing, and these 6 commanders issue different commands. Where will their ship head? The answer is, it will go round and round the same spot. A cruise to nowhere. O dear!

Our people are becoming increasingly divided. From being split in two, then three, now we are split five ways. Our previous leaders are now the political shamans out to crush UMNO. In the past, these were the people who practised chaotic politics. May I remind you, do not lose all that you possess.

We are strong; we are not weak; the problem is we are divided.

Not Weak, But Divided

Not weak in our efforts

But divided in our words

When divided in words

Every discussion a dispute

Not weak in our energy

But divided in body

When divided in body

Every step a doubt

Not weak in our ideas

But divided in feelings

When divided in feelings

Directions devasted destroyed


I was extremely touched by the deep concern of the President at the tabling of the 2018 Budget, in which all segments of society were taken into consideration, from the private sector to the corporate sector, from the rubber tapper to the fisherman, from gen X to gen Z, and from the rural to the urban.

This 2018 budget remarkably incorporates the various proposals forwarded by you, ladies and gentlemen, and the representatives at every session of the Umno general Assembly.

As a result of the continuing efforts of the existing leadership line-up, the GDP in the third quarter of 2017 was at 6.2 percent, the highest since 2014. This is a result of the policy implemented by the President since 2009. This is “NAJIBNOMICS”, an approach that was implemented despite having to sacrifice political mileage for the sake of stability of the nation’s economy. Unfortunately, all the efforts were viewed with a jaundiced eye and pessimism.

It is obvious the truth was difficult to accept and acknowledgment late in coming. Conviction was even more difficult when lulled by false news.

The nation continues to progress. Economic growth in the 80s and 90s is different from growth in current times. Previously, growth opened up employment opportunities, but, it is uncertain whether today’s economic growth has provided employment opportunities for the people. This is the underlying problem of the nation’s economy.

Malaysia is categorised as an emerging economy or developing market nation with a mean growth of 4.5 percent. The IMF projected world annual economic growth for 2017 at around 3.5 percent. The economies of leading advanced nations, particularly the members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development projected growth of a mere 2.0 percent.

Despite this achievement, the government is aware that uncertainty in the world economy too has an effect on the nation. For instance, growth rate does not necessarily extend employment opportunities to society. Furthermore, following a rise in the cost of economic inputs due to various factors, it is certain that consumer buying power is decreasing. This is the real burden felt by the people. Therefore, the government continues to endeavour to absorb the burden of a rise in cost of living resulting from an increase in cost of transport, food and accommodation with diverse short- and long-term approaches.

The success of high impact projects such as the MRT has greatly improved the quality of public transport. It has resulted in improved connectivity and stimulated the local economy, and is obviously an improvement in the lives of the people. Studies show that if a nation can provide a better, more efficient transport system, it can improve the GDP by about 2 percent. This is what is called a game changer for the nation.

Digital economy is a new force for generating the world economy through e-trade. We must lead in the digital world, not be mere followers but also become major players and drivers.

The President’s foresight in creating a Digital Free Trade Zone is a manifestasion of the high level of commitment of the government to provide trade opportunities online. This is the concept of a new world trade for the future. Malay entrepreneurs are competing for opportunities. Statistics show an upward trend in the digital trade sector in which a total of 31,000 digital traders have registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. In fact, when Alibaba offered an online sale on 11 November 2017, it recorded sales of USD123 million (RM504 million) in one day with orders for 6.5 million goods worldwide. 70 percent of the orders were through smartphones. This is the form of trade that we should command. This is also a solution to the problem of space, and it offers opportunities for diverse ways of trading.


In this era of digital economy, we have to provide a corresponding national education system. The changing decade compels us to demand for change from a conventional education system to a digital education. Digital schooling is a new initiative. We will expose future citizens to gain knowledge that is appropriate to the times. Local students will become global students.

Interactive digital software will be the learning medium that will be the main attraction of modern education. It will also be the smart learning medium. This is the new model we are offering generations Y and Z.

Technological advancement will also facilitate distance education. We should also emphasize the concept of lifelong learning to increase qualifications and experience so that the opportunity for promotion and pay rise may be enhanced.

The government has also given priority to the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) system to achieve this goal. This talent industry has to be mainstreamed not only in the number of the graduates it produces but also measured by the contribution of ideas that can competitively explore international markets.

In relation to this, it is only appropriate that an Education Commission be established for the consolidation and continued implementation of the National Education Policy. Among the essential areas that require attention is the development of students’ creative and lateral thinking, without making them lab mice. We have to celebrate their diverse inclinations and natural talents.

Kalau hendak membeli parang,

Molek dinilai pada hulunya,

Kalau hendak memilih orang,

Molek dinilai pada ilmunya.


Cross-border violence that has become a global threat must not be taken lightly. We are dealing with religious radicals, Daesh, drug mules, online fraud and gambling, human trafficking and other threats. The government is responsible for ensuring that the 9 core values through 20 primary strategies (National Security Policy) are implemented to guarantee national security not only in the physical form, but also in thinking.

We must realise that national security and public order are the keys to political stability. In turn, the assurance of political security is the catalyst for economic growth. Without security there is no stability, and without stability, economic prosperity and sustainability will be devastated.

Thanks and praises to Allah, with the hard work of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia was upgraded to tier 2 in the Annual Trafficking in Persons (US TIP REPORT) in 2017. This report published by the United States Department of State (USDS) assessed 187 countries in the fight against the crime of human trafficking.

In the meantime, the security in Sabah and Sarawak has not been neglected. The establishment of ESSCOM and the proposed construction of border walls utilising the latest technology highlight the government’s concerns towards national security. A total of RM250 million has been allocated to upgrade ESSCOM’s assets. Who says we do not care about the people of Sabah and Sarawak? Through the ICQ upgrade, we also provide state-of-the-art technology at every entry point.

Hence, for this new decade, the Ministry of Home Affairs is relying on society to guard the nation’s security as a shared responsibility. We have to promote the agenda of socialising the Police, policing society in order to achieve zero crime.


The present Malays are not enslaved souls. We are independent! The legacy of this independence, entrusted to us, must not be mocked or pawned. Let us not pawn the dignity of our people for power!

We need to realise that achieving success is not easy. And, to preserve the success attained, is much harder! We have experienced seven decades of success. Even though Umno is rocked by a wave of challenges, we maintain that success. We remain the most prestigious ruling party in the world.

The Umno Ark continues on its voyage, subject to the reciprocal “wedhatul fikr” between the skipper and its crew. This nation’s voyage has witnessed seven captains that have braved the waves successfully. The appreciation for this sincere and noble struggle is based on the direction and struggles that do not falter or shift from its course.

In the world’s new hegemony based on market space, instead of ‘market places’, Malaysia needs to lead in solving global problems such as the challenges to humanity and international issues. Malaysia must change. Not to be mere local champions or followers on the fringes of the world’s system.

We do not want to be a people that is sidelined. Look at what happened to the heirs of the Arakan Empire who are perceived with utter disdain called the Rohingya. My heart and soul were deeply touched the moment I tenderly stroked a little Rohingya child in the Kutu Palong Refugee Camp in Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh. They have become beggars in their own land.

Malaysia’s stand on the humanitarian crisis taking place in Rakhine is consistent and firm. The voice of the Rohingya community was raised in the 72nd UNGA Conference in New York by Dato’ Seri Anifah Aman. To add to this, the President has discussed the issue of ethnic cleansing at a meeting with the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Malaysia also boldly disassociates itself from the statement made by the Chair of Asean as this misrepresented the real situation. As pressure mounted, Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suukyi, had to concede to the repatriation of the Rohingya to Rakhine under the supervision of an International Monitoring Team.

Pray Allah forbids that Umno be betrayed and defeated in battle; the tears will no longer hold meaning. There will be nothing to cry for.

Take a look as well at what happened in Catalunya which wanted to secede from Spain, but did not receive the blessings of the leaders in Madrid and their King. The separatist leaders are now hunted to be thrown in jail.

The action of some who seditiously incite the people with the slogans “Sabah for Sabah” and “Sarawak for Sarawak” is against the spirit of the Federal Constitution. It is this playing with fire that may lead to anarchy and national instability. As has been observed, when the people fight, others reap the profit. Let us not reach the point where we suffer due to the intervention of foreign ploys and incitement.

I want to remind them that this is a very serious crime and they can be severely punished. Nobody is above the law. Why must this be allowed to happen?

This subversive action takes place when there are leaders who are trapped in the ploy of political masterminds who are bankrupt of ideas and souls. Because of their political lust and greed, serving these puppeteers, they are willing to be pawns on a chessboard.

Meanwhile, the impact of political machinations that denied the nation’s solidarity, led to the demise of our sovereignty over Batu Putih Island or Pedra Blanca. It is only fair that we file an application to review the judgment of the ICJ.

I am very proud of the action of the leadership of the Youth Movement that boldly refuted the statement of the leader of a neighbouring country. This is our dignity! This is our sovereignty! This is our land! We will never allow even an inch of our land to be pawned! We will not be defeated! Congratulations Youth Movement! Better death than dishonour!


The book “Sulalatus Salatin” published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka states that the Malays originated from Bukit Seguntang, taking the name of a river there called the Malay River.

The dignity and excellence of the Malays are the result of the covenant between Demang Lebar Daun and Sang Seperba or Sri Tri Buana witnessed by Wan Empok Wan Malini.

In that covenant, it was stated that every child of Malay descent was obliged to obey and be loyal to his leader who was then Sri Tri Buana. It was also addressed to the Malay rulers, but in truth, it referred to Malay leaders. “Every Malay child must be loyal to his King and if he is rebellious then his punishment is death. However, the king shall not shame his people. If the pledge is ever broken, may God Almighty upend the roof of the house to the ground, its pillars upwards.”

This is actually the secret that allowed us to emerge as dignified people capable of building the prosperous Islamic Malay Empire of Champa and the glorious Islamic Malay Empire of Melaka.

But when Si Kitol and prime minister Mandaliar began to deviate and betray the people, the Malay empire of Melaka was finally annihilated. Today, the images of Si Kitol and Mamak Mendeliar have come to light. As we drive the encompassment of nation’s achievement, this individual who once led us, now wants to destroy UMNO. Even the institution of the King was mocked.

Last year, I reminded us not to forget the Seven Wills of the Malay Rulers. Hold on to it, and make this mandate a reminder of our struggles.


Indeed, be assured that religion binds the manifesto of this nation. EQ, SQ and IQ need to be merged. Our relationship with God makes us the caliph for the welfare of the ummah. Meanwhile, ‘Hablum Minannas’ (relations between humans) turns our existence as a primary force to generate true meanings.

The people who place religion as the basis of civilisation will prevail, and as long as they defend the religion, that civilisation will be held in high regard and esteem. Civilisation as the sole solution to every problem of the ummah and its progress has been recognised since Islam was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. If religion is protected then civilisation will be preserved. Religion is the pillar of civilisation.

The cure for social ills pervading the Muslims today has to be viewed from the religious angle. Significantly, deradicalisation process has been proven effective using the spiritual methodology.

Article 3 of the Federal Constitution clearly states Islam is the religion of the Federation. Nevertheless, other religions may be practised freely. This is the distinction of our civilisation. This is the essential matter that must be understood and appreciated by multiracial Malaysians. God has determined that this country be made up of various races. In all fairness, this should the cornerstone of the nation’s manifesto.


In our mission to achieve a huge or symbolic victory of 2314 (targeting a two-thirds majority in GE 14), I want to remind you, ladies and gentlemen, of the importance of the action of all three wings to carry out this responsibility holistically.

Umno has hard core supporters whose support has, until today, never been in doubt. Make sure that 100 percent of their votes remain in our favour. Just as important are the many who wait and see until the final moment. Make sure that their votes go to us!

Dear Kak ljat, beautiful and stylish, looking sophisticated at all times, make sure this target can be achieved. Prove that the hand that rocks the cradle is able to shake up and rake in a considerable number of votes for the party! Unleash the full potential, so that the women’s wing will be feared by our opponents. We are capable of translating the emphatic love, by filling up the ballot boxes! I call on you to hold tightly to the bonds of brotherhood and pledge of loyalty in facing the enemy of our people.

Congratulations to the Women’s Movement for always being loyal and never rebelling, firmly bound by loyalty to the President. A woman’s instinct is a mother’s instinct. A mother would never leave her troubled family. A mother would never let her family be torn apart because of lies. This was the women’s pledge last year.

The Umno Women’s Movement has a big heart. Even when the opposition is too dominant using the hightech approach, Umno maintains its hightouch approach.

What is the ‘hightouch’ approach? It is a “person to person” or face to face approach. The nation’s finest mother which is our Women’s Movement, will reach out to the people, not just knock on their doors, but to knock on the doors to their hearts.

I have observed that this ‘hightouch’ approach has been UMNO’s traditional strategy. We used to call it K10 but now we call it Jalinan Rakyat. I am very proud that the Women’s Movement has successfully launched JR Plus which collaborated with the Youth and Puteri Wings as well as component parties.

To KJ, “Tall, Dark & Handsome”, help the Women’s Wing, stretch out your sinewy arms and unleash your energy, and help them put the house in order! Sense that which is hidden, and seek out that which is sought. Be the shield at the forefront with the Attacking Brigade, make your troops a strong and impenetrable front that cannot be broken by enemy troops!

The Youth must be solid and strong, always alert and prepared, the hero of the people. Even if lightning strikes, even if hordes of enemies attack, we will not retreat. The vow of the Youth is never to return without victory. The Youth is indomitable, invincible to any form of trial or assault.

Head to every village and all corners of the land. Meet the people with all sincerity, so they might understand and not continue to be trapped by the political ploys of the opposition.

To Mas, who is ever more elegant… wearing the baju kurung in the Women’s Movement. As Kak Ijat put it last year, ‘kurung’ implies preserving faith and dignity. So make this baju kurung a legacy. To the heroines of Puteri, remember, a mother is no less a mother! Touch her heart, show your love by asking her how she is. There is still room to appeal for votes.

Puteri Peduli is undeniably strong. It was not established in a hurry. I am confident that the result will become more evident. In line with the party’s struggle, I am well informed of Puteri Umno’s ongoing attentiveness to the grassroots. I am very sure that the #puteripeduli Squad has spread its wings to all corners of the country, going into villages to meet the grassroots. Advance, roseatte troops! Strengthen the army of fire ants.

As the leader of the Women’s Wing, I have faith that Kak Ijat is capable of guiding the Puteri Movement with affection, avoiding any disputes. Remember, “The elders always nurture and love the young and the young should always respect the elders”. Where there are no elders, there can be no youth.

I take this opportunity to call upon the Umno leadership from all ranks to unite and give our loyalty to our leader. Remember that the Malays are very creative in expressing their beliefs: courtesy is enchanting, language is charming.


If you are asking what needs to be done for a major victory, listen, all you wing leaders and party members, this is the time we have been waiting for! The most powerful winning recipe will be shared. The supplies and tips for you to take-away have been prepared. Listen carefully to what I am about to say…. 3 A Treats!

Can anyone guess what 3 A Treats are? Does anybody know? A is…

The first A is : ACTION!

The second A is : ACTION!

The third A is : Also ACTION!

When the President called for ACTION, it is time to mobilise the election machinery without any excuses.

In this GE 14, we have set big goals. We do not want a win just to form the government with a simple majority through the first-past-the-post system, we want to command two-thirds of the Parliamentary seats with an even bigger majority.

Know this my people, 1 vote for Barisan Nasional means 1 vote for the FORMATION OF A RELIABLE AND RESPONSIBLE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! Hence, we need to understand the emotional needs, wants and appetites of our target audience.

This matter has been brought up many times by the President — we have to focus all of our energy and efforts through “Micro-Targetting” and GOTV (Get Out The Voters) approach. Failure is not an option, we must retain all the seats that we have won and take back all the seats lost to the opposition. We must retain and regain all the seats that we have targeted!

We have to realise that the landscape has changed vastly. The style of politics must also change, suited to the aspirations and the passing of time. Therefore, put aside all hurt, dejection, and thought of sabotage as they will only immobilise our actions.

I have laid out a portion of our actions as the machinery of the party to face the opposition. However, I will present the rest during my country-wide tour with my brother-in-arms; Dato’ Seri Hishamudin the vice President, and Dato’ Seri Tengku Adnan, the Secretary-General, as well as the party management. I have also underlined the 7 manifestations of the encompassment of the nation which have been offered to the people.

I have also launched a strategic approach for each wing to ensure a major victory of two-thirds of Parliament.

To the people who have always supported Umno, on behalf of the presidential party, I express my heartfelt gratitude. Your full confidence, trust and support have enabled UMNO to stand proud and continue fighting for the interest of all races in this country.

I have also pitched a strategic approach for each wing to ensure a landslide victory for two-thirds of Parliament.

Come on, my people

Time is getting shorter,

Battlefields before our eyes,

War provisions ready,

Sword held in hand,

Chief at the front,

Where is everyone?

Where, Best Mother Of the People?

Where, Youth of Our People’s Hopes?

Where, Warrior Princess of the Land?


We stand in the name of struggle,

To uphold truth,

To erase the footsteps of the vagabond,

To continuously ensure

The Encompassment of the Nation’s Achievement

With the words “Fassabih Biham Dirob Bikawas Taghfir Innahu Kanatau Waba”, I officially declare open the general Assembly of the Women’s Movement, Youth and Puteri Umno.

Thank you. Enjoy the conference. Wabillahi Taufik Walhidayah, wasallam mualaikum warahmatullahir wabarakatuh.



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