Funexpected Math Announces New Step-By-Step Program With an Intuitive Interface, Changeable Game World, Personalised Digital Tutor, and More

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The major update features massive enhancements to continue helping children acquire mathematical thinking.

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Funexpected Math, an award-winning educational app for kids aged 3-7, launched its comprehensive step-by-step learning program that now enables each child to have their individual learning path. Introducing children to a wide variety of mathematical concepts spanning areas such as Spatial Skills and Geometry, Number Sense, Logical Thinking, Patterns and Algorithms, the program adapts automatically to each child’s capability in every aspect, supports experimenting, and builds confidence.

“This year has been extremely challenging for all families. We are parents ourselves and, through speaking actively with our users, know that we share the same stresses in trying not to miss important milestones in our children’s education and development. Funexpected Math aims to reduce these stresses by introducing an adaptive, thought-out program that genuinely hooks children,” said Natalia Pereldik, co-founder of Funexpected.

Based on interval learning, the well-designed program for every age includes a compelling story for kids, and a changeable game world with stunning illustrations and animations that inspires creativity and curiosity about other countries and cultures. Every child can choose an avatar and embark on a mathematical journey by solving tasks like lighting up constellations, star clusters, and even galaxies to save the Funexpected Math world from darkness. The personalised course also comes with a digital tutor who asks questions, gives hints, and offers encouragement.

“While the world rapidly moves into the tech era, mathematics still is considered by many to be a very complex field in which you need innate talent to succeed. Around one-third of children (as young as 4-6 years old) already experience math anxiety, due in part to the similar feelings of their parents and teachers. Funexpected aims to reduce or entirely prevent math anxiety and help children to learn complex mathematical concepts as effortlessly as they learned to walk or talk. Funexpected Math shows them the beauty and variety of mathematics and allows them to experiment and move at their own pace in a safe environment,” said Alexandra Kazilo, co-founder of Funexpected.

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About Funexpected

Funexpected aims to rethink mathematical education for children and help spread mathematical literacy worldwide with hands-on experience, experimenting, and deep understanding. Funexpected Math is an award-winning educational app for kids aged 3-7. It uses awesome game mechanics to help children understand mathematical concepts as naturally as they learn to walk or talk. The app covers Number Sense, Spatial Skills and Geometry, Logical and Critical Thinking, Algorithms, and much more. It aims to teach children to think and learn how to learn.


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