Gasoline price falls slightly

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Local retail prices of E5 RON92 bio-fuel and RON95 gasoline dropped by VND160-180 per litre as of 3 p.m. today, October 27, after the fuel price stabilisation fund was tapped, while oil prices rose by VND90-340 per litre/kilogram.

During this fuel price adjustment, the ministries of Industry and Trade and Finance decided not to extract money for each litre of bio-fuel E5 RON92 and each kilogram of heavy fuel oil sold to replenish the fund. Meanwhile, the extraction rate for each litre of RON95 petrol, diesel oil and kerosene is VND100, VND298, and VND100, respectively.

Besides this, local fuel traders were allowed to tap the stabilisation fund at VND1,100 for each litre of E5 bio-fuel sold, VND300 for each litre of RON95 petrol sold, VND100 for each litre of kerosene and VND300 for each kilogram of heavy fuel oil sold.

Accordingly, the current ceiling prices of E5 bio-fuel and RON95 petrol are now at VND14,109 and VND14,940 per litre, respectively.

Diesel oil, kerosene and heavy fuel oil now sell for less than VND11,218, VND9,717, and 11,261 per litre/kilogram.

During the previous fuel price adjustment on October 12, the two ministries decided to raise the price of RON92 gasoline by VND53 per litre to VND14,268 and that of RON95 petrol by VND138 per litre to VND15,122. The diesel oil price was kept unchanged at VND11,128 per litre, while kerosene and heavy fuel oil sell for some VND9,590 per litre and VND10,920 per kilogram, up VND145 and VND95, respectively.


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