Govt releases 2011-2015 report on overall eocnomy

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Till February 20, total payment measures M2 surfed 2.03 percent against the end of 2015, lower than the earlier year pace of 3.38 percent, according to the government report for the period of 2011-2015.

Particularly, total deposits of customers at credit institutions rose by 0.34 percent against 2015 end and 0.55 percent year-on-year while total loans increased by 0.39 percent and 0.96 percent respectively.

Generally, the lending rate was quite stable and dong deposit rates were on increase for some terms 6-12 months to restructure capital.

The government also reported that the outstanding loans in 2011-2015 surged 13.5 percent on average (18 percent in 2015 particularly).

Thanks to positive results of solutions on bad debt management, the bad debt ratio in the whole system was brought to below 2.55 percent by 2015 end.

Additionally, the total capitalisation of the stock market reached 33 percent of the country’s GDP, bond market at 23 percent GDP and total premiums of insurance market grew by 17 percent per year on average to 2 percent of GDP at the end of last year.

The government report showed that basic inflation in February 2016 was up 0.27 percent month on month and 1.93 percent year-on-year.

February CPI went up 0.42 percent m-o-m and 1.27 percent y-o-y. Thus, monthly CPI rise in Jan-February was posted at 1.03 percent.

In details, the price index of resurant and food services gained 1.98 percent, food price up 2.45 percent, tobacco and drink prices +1.15 percent, other goods and services +0.8 percent, entertainment and tourism price +0.71 percent.

However, some product categories fell in prices. Transporation cost was down 3.96 percent due to the domestic petrol price continued being adjusted along with the global level, followed by prices of housing and construction materials -0.41 percent, post and telecommunication prices -0.16 percent.


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