Guan Eng: Opposition has become inconsistent in accusing me of racism

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Lim Guan Eng has hit out at his opposition detractors saying that they have become inconsistent in playing the race rhetoric against him.

Speaking to reporters in Cyberjaya today, the DAP secretary-general said the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition has never favoured one particular ethnic group in Malaysia and has always been a “pro-Malaysian” and “pro-principles”.

“Of course, they will play the race card. To the Chinese voters, they say I’m anti-Chinese. To the Malay voters, I’m anti-Malay. It doesn’t make any sense.

“So what we are is pro-Malaysian and pro-principal. Of course, this will not be published in The Star and Sin Chew. But what we want to stress is this, is that we fight against corruption.

“One of the basic principles is that you cannot have public funding for an organisation controlled by political parties. That is wrong,” said Lim referring to the MCA controlled newspapers on the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (KTAR) funding matter.

He was asked to comment on the funding and how the MCA campaign in the Tanjung Piai by-election has been playing up his refusal to fork out the annual RM30 million for KTAR as it is still being controlled by MCA.

He pointed out that if Putrajaya allows KTAR to receive government support while MCA still retains control of it, the current administration will be breaking “the rules”.

Lim elaborated that no democracy in the world allows public funding for an organisation under the purview of a political party.

“Can anyone of us say it is right to fund an organisation that is politically controlled? Even Umno, PAS, MIC don’t do this. You don’t see DAP, Bersatu or Amanah doing it. Why is MCA doing it? What makes them special?

“You have to respect the principle. You have to talk about right and wrong. How can certain mass media hammer us for not funding organisations controlled by political parties because it (the funds) will be used by the political parties,” said Lim.

He reiterated his stand that all it takes for KTAR to receive its annual RM30 million, which will be compounded as long as PH is in power and he is the finance minister, is if MCA steps down from controlling the education institution.


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