H2O.ai Accredited by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--H2O.ai, a visionary AI technology company that enables organizations to rapidly build world-class AI models and applications, today announces its accreditation by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore.

This endorsement will enable both public and commercial organizations to use H2O.ai’s technology to rapidly innovate and deliver world-class customer experiences. The accreditation comes on the heels of an outstanding year for H2O.ai in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2020, H2O.ai grew by over 200% and expanded to more than 50 customers in the region. Singapore is the headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region, and the team is doubling to support the rapid growth.

“AI is mission-critical for governments and the public sector globally. H2O.ai is committed to building a robust data and AI ecosystem in the region. We’re investing in the community and our team to support the increasing demand for responsible AI in Asia. We are thrilled to receive the sought-after accreditation offered by the highly respected IMDA in Singapore and look forward to be a strong AI partner for organizations in Singapore,” said Sri Ambati, CEO of H2O.ai

As a statutory board in the Singapore government, IMDA works with private organizations to spearhead the strategic use of technology in various sectors. The [email protected] Digital ([email protected]) is a program by which IMDA accelerates the development and growth of Singapore-based companies through recurring market access platforms and matchmaking of government and enterprise demand. H2O.ai has successfully met the stringent criteria of the Accreditation process, which evaluates companies in the aspects of Technical, Financial, and Operations.

“We are pleased to partner with H2O.ai to establish Singapore as their hub for their next phase of regional growth and talent acquisition. [email protected] Digital will work with H2O.ai to enable government and enterprise sectors with automated AI/ML platforms with ML interpretability that explains how the predictive outcomes are derived,” said Edwin Low, Director of the Innovation & Tech Ecosystem for IMDA.

H2O.ai recently announced H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, a platform that empowers anyone to innovate and use AI to make better forecasts, streamline operations, reduce risk, and personalize customer experiences. It contains capabilities and automation across the entire data science lifecycle, including connecting to and preparing data, building and explaining models, deploying and operating models, and building and sharing AI applications.

About H2O.ai

H2O.ai is on a mission to democratize AI. H2O.ai is a visionary AI technology company that enables organizations to rapidly build world-class AI models and applications. Through innovative platforms like H2O AI Hybrid Cloud and the AI App store, we continue to reimagine what is possible with artificial intelligence and deliver new platforms and technologies to put responsible AI into the hands of more users.

Our vision is to democratize AI by making it easier for individuals to build and access world-class and responsible AI. To achieve this vision, we’re creating a culture of responsible and engaged makers: community, customers, partners, entrepreneurs, and our own “makers,” and we’re enabling them with the technology to “make.” H2O is a leading open-source data science and machine learning platform used by nearly half of the Fortune 500 and trusted by over 20,000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of data scientists around the world.


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