Half-Malaysian girl, 7, unable to start Year One with unresolved birth certificate issue

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“I love to go to school. I love to make new friends. I promise I will study hard to become a doctor when I am big.” These were the words of seven-year-old Patcharamai Chailungka, who is unable to register for Year One at government school as she has no Malaysian birth certificate. Her predicament started when her father, Hng Wei Liang, 42, failed to register her birth with the National Registration Department and apply for Malaysian citizenship for her. He hoped to register her daughter as Hng Mei Qi, a name the girl had used.

Patcharamai was born in 2011 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and had a Thai birth certificate. Hng had raised his daughter with the help of his aging parents, after his Thai wife left them when she was just six months old. “After she delivered Patcharamai, I asked her to bring the child here (to Malaysia) but she told me to wait until the baby was more stable. When our daughter was six months old, I brought them here and she left me three days later without a word. “I have approached various parties to help me but was given the run-around. Some even asked for a big amount of money from me. “I have run out of ideas. I just hope that my daughter can be allowed to study in a public school here,” he said when met at the state Education Department. The chef-turn-restaurant manager had sought the help of PKR’s stateless programme coordinator A. Kumaresan to help register Patcharamai as he did not know the proper procedures. Hng said her daughter studied for a year at pre-school Tadika Unik Ceria in Sungai Nibong here but failed to get into Year One due to her status. “She is excited to go to school, and as a father, it is my responsibility to provide her with education. Meanwhile, Kumaresan said he would do whatever necessary to help the man and his daughter.



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