HCM City’s industry, trade focuses on supporting business recovery, market expansion

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The year 2021 is the first year to carry out the socio-economic-cultural development plan in HCM City from 2021 to 2025, at the same time, it is the year that the industry and trade will carry out many important projects approved by the People’s Committee of HCM City.

Regarding the tasks and solutions for the development of the industry this year, Bui Ta Hoang Vu, director of the Department of Industry and Trade of HCM City, said that 2021 was the first year to carry out the socio-economic development plan in the period of 2021-2025, with theme of the year 2021 as “Year of building an urban administration and improving the investment environment”, so the industry and trade would stick to these contents to carry out effectively.

Accordingly, the Department of Industry and Trade will develop and conduct the administrative reform in 2021, review the criteria with restrictions related to industry and trade in the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) to get drastic improving solutions. It will make a plan to contact and work with associations and enterprises to grasp the development situation, difficulties, and problems in the production and business activities and the development of the industry to propose the city solutions to remove difficulties; organise meetings to contact and solve difficulties for enterprises; carry out solutions to remove difficulties and support enterprises, such as connecting banks and businesses, promoting trade, stimulating investment demand, searching for premises and land fund for development investment.

The Department will also coordinate with the HCM City Department of Planning and Investment, the HCM City Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority, and the Management Board of the Saigon High-Tech Park to develop a plan to improve the investment and business environment, and increase competitiveness. In which, it will give priority to calling for investment in the four key industries with high science and technology content and high added-value; carry out the Decision No.2164 of the municipal People’s Committee that promulgates the implementation plan of Resolution No.02 of the government on continuing to carry out the main tasks and solutions to improve the business environment and national competitiveness in 2020.

Besides implementing the contents following theme of the year 2021, the department will launch programmes to support production and business recovery, market expansion, and development. It will focus on industrial development, prioritising investment in the four key industries, building and supporting the development of key industrial products, and the city’s supporting industries to turn it into motivation for the development of other industries. It will also prioritise the development of land funds serving high-tech industries, start-ups, and supporting industries.

The department will build and carry out the programme to develop key industrial products and potential industrial products of the city in 2021 and the period of 2021-2025 to support enterprises to improve their competitiveness and evolve into strong brands of the city. It will develop a plan to deploy three programmes to support the development of enterprises and products in the mechanical engineering automation, rubber plastic, food processing sectors in the period 2020-2030.

It will build and carry out the overall plan to promote the industry and trade of the city in 2021. In which, it will increasingly improve the efficiency of the organisation of programmes, such as a conference to connect supply and demand between HCM City and other provinces and cities in 2021; update, share market information, coordinate goods, and join hands in handling market volatility; introduce premises for retail units of the city to serve the development of points of sale, expand early the network scale that is capable of competing with foreign networks, and establish the two-way connection, contributing to the formation of the supply chains from production to consumption.

Trade promotion programmes are carried out in the direction that attaches with the groups of typical export products and goods in the context of international integration. Trade promotion originates from the practical needs of the business community. In which, it will build and submit to the municipal People’s Committee a category of export products for each market, focusing on those that the country has already signed free trade agreements. It is essential to prioritise trade promotion activities to support export development.

In the industrial sector, the department will run a development programme for supporting industries in the city until 2025; organise the direct supply-demand connection between Vietnamese supporting industry enterprises and FDI enterprises and end-product manufacturing enterprises; carry out the programme to improve the qualifications, administrative skills, production productivity, and product quality management for supporting industry enterprises in 2021; develop and carry out a plan to support enterprises whose products are recognised as typical industrial products and supporting industries in HCM City in 2020.



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