Health Ministry mulls centralised MC monitoring system

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The health ministry is mulling a centralised system to allow employers to track records of medical leave accumulated by employees.

Deputy Health minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahya said the system was similar to the Credit Tip-Off Service (CTOS) adopted by the banking industry.

“This centralised system will allow future employers to check how many sick leave days their future employees have taken during their previous employment,” he said a seminar on “Medical Absenteeism – Whose Responsibility?” at HELP College of Arts and Technology in Jalan Pudu yesterday.

“They can then decide if they want to hire the employee based on his or her track record.”

He said that if the system was introduced, a special security number would be present on medical chits (MC) issued by doctors.

“The centralised serial number will be monitored by an appointed body under the proposed system and there will no room for abuse as we will be able to track MC’s issued to patients by doctors,” he said.

Dr Hilmi said employees misusing sick leave were a major problem as both government and private sector were incurring loses.

“Labour productivity drops and this effects the company’s performance and eventually country’s income. This will affect Malaysia’s target to be a high income nation status in 2020,” he said.

He said the ministry also urged doctors to be strict when issuing MCs to patients.

“If a patient is really sick and is not be able to perform his or her duty, then doctors can issue an MC. But if the patient is not sick and trying to evade from duties, the doctor should reject the patient’s request,” he said.

“Doctors must deliberate before issuing medical chits to patients and not allow them to play truant.”

Dr Hilmi said the ministry was also studying if it was feasible to adopt a system practiced in Japan where employers deduct the salary of employees who took leave without valid reasons.

Malaysian Employees Federation (MEF) executive director Datuk Shamsuddin Bardan, who was present at the seminar, said Malaysian employers lost an estimated RM8.2 billion in 2013 because of medical leave.

He said the federation expected more MCs being taken by employees this month in conjunction with the World Cup tournament.

“We foresee more MCs being taken during the third and fourth week, as more employees stay up late to watch matches,” he said.


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