Highest Paying Part Time Jobs In Singapore In 2018

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The cost of living in is on the rise in Singapore, and showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Even though the economy is growing at an impressive rate, it does not mean that everybody is reaping the benefits of the growth. For cash-strapped people, getting a part-time job may be the only way out of the current debacle in pursuit of the additional source of income.

While most people have come to associate part, time jobs with the flipping of burgers at fast food joints, that is not always the case. Thanks to robust economic growth, a number of part-time jobs with decent wages have cropped up, presenting yet another way for people to earn a decent income on the side.

The fact that these jobs don’t require too much skills makes them ideal for anyone, right from students to people with 8 to five jobs.

Tourist Guide

Singapore is, without a doubt, a top tourism destination as millions of people visit the island nation to enjoy its beaches, scenery, and museums. With that in mind, there are thousands of tourists willing to pay hundreds of dollars to be chauffeured around.

There is a growing crop of freelance tourist guides charging top dollars to show tourists in their own cars. However, becoming a licensed tourist guide is the way to go, in this case, given the opportunities and connections that come into being with the accreditation.

Top rated tourist guides earn as much as S$594 per a four-hour drive with private transport. Some guides earn as much as S$277 for walking tours. To become a licensed tour guide is no easy feat, for starters, one has to pass an exam that seeks to examine how well one is versed with Singapore’s history and heritage.

Barista-Bartender-Waiter/ Waitress

With more than 7,000 food and beverage joints spread across Singapore, one can never lack a part-time job in this joints as either a barista bartender or waiter. The fact that people will always cherish a cup of coffee in the morning or in the evening means there will always be demand for baristas.

All you need in this case is experience in the art of brewing coffee, to be on the way to earning an hourly pay for as much as $7 an hour. Tips could add up to the hourly wage, depending on the clientele one is serving.

For those who like hanging around bars and clubs, you can do so while earning an hourly pay of as much as $10 an hour. There are joints that hire bartenders who are good at mixing and pouring alcohol. Tips should be flowing in, for people who have perfected the art of creating unique liquor by mixing various drinks.

If you are an easy going person, conscious of the working environment, then becoming waiter or waitress should be an easy pick. Earn anywhere from $10 an hour while serving food and cleaning tables. While helping people to enjoy their meals, you will be surprised at the kind of tips that would be flowing from generous customers.

Private Tutor

Singapore being a hub for everything right from healthcare to financials also sees it pay host to one of the most significant tuition industry in the world. The country’s tuition industry is currently valued at $1 billion and growing at an impressive rate. Demand for tutors is on the rise.

Good tutors earn good money given that parents are willing to pay for work and experience that will help improve their offspring grades. It does not come as a surprise that degree holders charge as much as $40 and $50 per hour on tutoring upper secondary students.

Some tutors charge as much as $60 an hour on Junior College students or those in their final two years of a 6 year IB programmer. The rewards are even more for MOE-trained teachers, who can rack up as much as 20 percent to 30 percent more.

Customer Service/ Call centre Staff/ Receptionist

Customer service is a part-time job worth considering, given the growing number of companies and businesses looking for people with excellent interpersonal skills for interacting with customers and clients. With an hourly pay of $10, it is not a bad part-time job, for people who like interacting with other people.

Call centre staff jobs, on the other hand, may not be rosy, but do come with good perks worth considering, especially for people who don’t get angry quickly. In addition to an hourly pay of more than $10 an hour, one also stands to enjoy a number of perks depending on the company.

Part-time receptionists earn anywhere from $15 an hour providing an opportunity for one to earn a significant amount of cash on the side while answering calls, booking appointments and greeting visitors. Some of these gigs require one to sell packages for dental clinics, gym spa or club.

Web Designers

Additional technical skills do pay a lot especially in Singapore, where such skills are in demand. People with web designing skills are some of the most sought after. The number of businesses in need of a website is continuously on the rise as such entities look to cater to the needs of the millennials that is always online.

Web designing is a top part-time gig given that such tasks can be completed while one is relaxing after a long day at school or work. For instance, a five-page website can be finished in a day and in the process earn one as much as a $1,000.

The more projects one takes and completes to perfection, the likelihood of them being referred to other people. As skills improve so should one be able to take tasks that are more complex but paying well.

Web designing is a good part-time job for people who like sticking around computers and the internet given that it can be learned very quickly and be done at the comfort of one’s home.

Personal Driver/ Delivery Driver/ Agent

Businesses are increasingly offering delivery services as part of their e-commerce offerings. That said, demand for delivery drivers is on the rise as businesses and retailers in Singapore look to deliver goods in a matter of hours.

If you own a car, then being a delivery agent should be an easy part-time job done when one is going or leaving work. Some of these delivery jobs can be enquired in supermarkets as well as online stores and courier agencies. Some delivery services pay as much as $26 an hour.

The taxi business is no longer a domain of the few. All you need is to sign up for Rideshare and quasi-taxi services like Uber and Grab, and you should be on your way to making money on the side while commuting either from or to work

Emcee/ Event Helper/ Crew

If you are an outgoing person who loves talking to people and cracking jokes, you will be surprised of the number of people, organisations and event holders in need of your skills. Given that corporate events, private events and weddings will always be there, being a reputable Emcee means one can never lack a gig to emcee especially on the weekends.

All you need to do in this case is register with an agency if you believe you have what it takes to keep people excited in an event. A few gigs here and there done to perfection should open the door for more gigs through referrals. Emcees earn anywhere from $500, depending on the events they are emceeing.

Working behind the scenes as an event promoter/ helper is another easy way of making good money on the side. In addition to earning an hourly pay, event planners and crew members most of the time attend concerts and shows free, instead of having to shell out cash for tickets. Such part-time jobs also provide one an opportunity to build a rapport and rub shoulders with the rich and famous as well as celebrities.

Fitness Trainer Swimming Coach

In a world where people are conscious of their health, demand for fitness trainers that can help one attain a desired physic is on the rise. This is one of the best part-time jobs for people with ripped up bodies that have some time to spare on the side.

Joining a gym should go a long way in helping one secure first clients to start with. Depending on how well you work with these clique of first clients you should be able to build a fitness training network for making some cash on the side while staying fit.

Fitness trainers charge between $50 and $70 an hour which is not bad considering one gets paid for what they like to do while staying fit and healthy.

If you have perfected the skill of swimming, then it might be time to put your skills to test by helping others trying to learn how to swim. You can have fun teaching children and adults how to swim while also having a good time.


Extroverts with time to spare don’t have anything to worry about, given that being mascot can bring in a cool $25 an hour. Being a mascot allows one to endorse new brands into the market or stores. All you need in this case is an outgoing personality as well as interpersonal skills for interacting with kids, patience and lots of stamina.

To get a job in this space, all you need to do is contact a sports team or store and try to find out whether they need a mascot.

Part-time housekeepers are also on demand at a time when most people spend most of their time working thus no time to do housework. Even though it is not a fancy job, one lucky move could see one landing a part-time housekeeping job paying as much as $18 an hour. The fact that one gets to choose the hours to work or homes to service makes housekeeping a part-time job worth considering for people who have the knack to keep a room clean.

Nurse Caregiver/ Housekeeper

If you are caring and compassionate, then you may want to channel your heart and inner soul into offering nursing services as a caregiver. All you need is time to take up a part-time elderly care job and stand to earn as much as $17 an hour, while interacting with the elderly and addressing their needs. The best thing about this job is that you get to choose working hours as well as homes to clean.

Working as a caregiver is one of the best jobs for people who like giving back to the community while interacting with the old to share stories here and there.

Data Entry Assistant Virtual Assistant

Contrary to perception, data entry is not a slow and boring job. The fact that such tasks can be done at home at any time makes it ideal for people who are busy during the day and looking to make some cash on the side while winding down.

Data entry jobs allow one to work with fascinating data and in the process learn something new. It is an ideal job for introverts who don’t want fast-paced, stressful job. The pay, depending on which company one is working for, is always good ranging from $10 to $15 an hour.



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