HK health code opens for registration on December 10

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The Hong Kong health code, which facilitates travel to the mainland, will open for registration on 9am, December 10, the government announced on Thursday.

This comes as reports suggest Hong Kong may be able to reopen its border with mainland before Christmas, meaning residents will be able to travel across the border without quarantine under a quota system.

But as a date has yet to be set, Secretary for Innovation and Technology Alfred Sit Wing-hang said there is no rush for Hongkongers to get the code in a press conference on Thursday.

The HK health code can only be generated when one has a mobile phone and uses the LeaveHomeSafe app. It requires users to submit their personal information, including Hong Kong identity card number and address.

They also have to upload health declaration forms and travel history in the past 21 days recorded on LeaveHomeSafe to the code. Based on the information, they will get codes in green, yellow, or red.

Green codes will be valid for one day for border crossing. Those who have attained it will get a QR code, which they must show to mainland immigration to convert into a Guangdong health code applicable on the mainland.

People who have visited or lived in high-risk places in the previous 21 days will have their codes shown in yellow. Confirmed cases, close contacts, household contacts of close contacts, and people who are observing quarantine will receive red codes.

Travel records can be uploaded from the LeaveHomeSafe app to the HK health code. There will be an update to the app to facilitate this function. Sit said those who have no plan to travel to the mainland can choose not to update the LeaveHomeSafe app.

The government has announced earlier the mandatory use of LeaveHomeSafe at restaurants starting December 9. Sit said the government is aware of difficulties faced by some citizens and is considering support measures such as offering free phones to those in need.


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