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The Ministry of Home Affairs has again drawn the attention of regions to report their innovations for measurement and evaluation for the 2021 Region Innovation Index.

In his statement received here on Friday, the Ministry’s Research and Development Head, Agus Fatoni, highlighted that 29 regions had yet to report their innovations for measurement and evaluation for the 2021 Region Innovation Index.

“Regions that have not yet conducted data inputs and not yet reported their innovations should do so through the region innovation index website,” he expounded.

According to Fantoni, if a region has not reported its innovations until the set deadline, then the region would receive a disclaimer predicate.

To this end, he advised regions to make several preparations to avert such a situation.

“The deadline for the data input is September 17, 2021. Please take note of this,” he noted.

Fatoni pointed to several regulations that mandate reporting of innovations by regions.

This mandate is stipulated in Article 388 of Law No. 23 of 2014 on the Regional government.

The article stated that a regional head should report the innovations being implemented to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Beyond that, a similar mandate is stipulated within Article 22 of government Regulation No. 38 of 2017 on Regional Innovation.

“The regulation stated that the minister should conduct evaluation of regions that have come up with innovations based on the report by region heads,” Fantoni expounded.

Fatoni also requested that the regional government take into account the general condition of the innovation result report.

Among the aspects to be taken into account is that the innovation should be a new breakthrough and have the element of novelty, both completely or partially.

“The innovation implementation result should provide an impact and benefit to the region or to the people sustainably,” Fantoni affirmed.



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