Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest Winners Revealed

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Prestigious Mentorships with Leading Industry Players Awarded

HONG KONG, Sept 9, 2018 – (ACN Newswire) – The 2018 Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) took place last night at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, serving as the finale for the third edition of CENTRESTAGE. Winners of YDC 2018 are:

– Champion: Leo Chan. Design: “Wandervogel”

– First Runner-up: Yip Yeung-yeung, Bicy. Design: “Modificism”

– Second Runner-up and Best Footwear Design Award: Ng Cho-kiu, Charlotte. Design: “Everything in its Right Place”

– New Talent Award: Yeung Shun-leong. Design: “Ubermensch”

Champion Leo Chan was awarded a cash prize of HK$35,000 and a month-long internship at leading brand Martine Rose, sponsored by Sun Hing Knitting Factory Ltd, where he will be able to refine his skills and learn. “I am fond of futuristic fashion,” said Mr Chan. He explained that his collection aims to revive the spirit of the German movement “Wandervogel”, which embraces nature and freedom, as an antidote to hectic city life. Mr Chan thanked his family and friends for supporting him to start his fashion career, which he is devoted to developing.

Ng Cho-kiu, Charlotte, Second Runner-up and winner of the Best Footwear Design Award, has been a fashion designer for 10 years. “I found that perseverance and breakthroughs are what Hong Kong designers need. YDC provides an ideal platform for local designers to move a step forward,” she said. Ms Ng looks forward to launching her capsule collection at i.t and entering the commercial market. She plans to run her own brand in future.

Esteemed Judging Panel Shares Thoughts

The 16 finalists were assessed by an esteemed panel of judges comprising industry veterans, including Chief Judge Lawrence Leung, Chairman of the HKTDC Garment Advisory Committee, and VIP Judge Martine Rose, the famous international fashion designer who owns the Martine Rose brand. Among other judges are Michael Mok, General Merchandising Manager/Head of Merchandising at JOYCE and Kei Chan, Head of Marketing APAC at NET-A-PORTER & MR PORTER, The YOOX NET-A-PORTER Group.

The judges deliberated the winners based on criteria of creativity and originality, market potential, workmanship, use of fabric, and overall visual appeal. At the event last night, the VIP Judge, Ms Rose, said she felt the Champion, Mr Chan, “had the most complete look with a real proposition that is ready to take it to the next level.”

“The standard of talent seen this evening was extremely high. I was impressed by the skill and craftsmanship presented by the young Hong Kong fashion designers,” remarked Ms Rose. “The advice I would give to young designers is to keep your identity and to listen to yourselves, to be brave and continue on your path.”

Organised by the HKTDC, YDC has been identifying and nurturing local design talent for over four decades. To further promote Hong Kong fashion designers to the rest of the world, the HKTDC launched the FASHIONALLY.com online platform in early 2012 to provide a one-of-a-kind networking and exchange platform for global fashion experts to connect, inspire and share information. YDC was one of the highlights of CENTRESTAGE, Asia’s premier fashion event, which closed yesterday (8 Sept).

Designer: Leo Chan. Design: “Wandervogel”


The Design:

The collection aims to revive the spirt of the German movement “Wandervogel”, which embraces nature and freedom, as an antidote to hectic city life. The colour scheme reflects the great outdoors, with black and green representing nature and the unknown. The designer playfully explains that khaki is meant to be marks and stains accumulated from outdoor excursions. The designer’s focus on functional techwear led him to include in his collection a jacket that doubles as a one-man tent.

Champion Prizes: (1) A cash prize of HK$35,000 (2) A month-long internship at Martine Rose, sponsored by Sun Hing Knitting Factory Ltd

Photo Download: https://bit.ly/2QgB1b6

Designer: Yip Yeung-yeung, Bicy. Design: “Modificism”

First Runner-up

The Design:

Is science taking genetic modification too far? This is the controversy the designer explores in her collection. She mixes colours and shapes that challenge the norm to illustrate her point, which results in pieces that have a bizarre, Frankenstein-like quality, such as a cape that is essentially a single sleeve attached to a sweater designed to be worn upside down, and a knitted top made with straps. The knit fabrics used, such as tubular jacquard with inlay stitches or embroidery, are unmistakably inspired by human cells. The conspicuous colouration of sharp neon – lime, marigold and poppy red – seems to send out warning signals.

First Runner-up Prizes: (1) A cash prize of HK$25,000; (2) An overseas study trip sponsored by MINI HK

Photo Download:https://bit.ly/2NzJckt

Designer: Ng Cho-kiu, Charlotte. Design: “Everything in its Right Place”

Second Runner-up and winner of Best Footwear Design Award

The Design:

Ms Ng presents a visual simulation of United Kingdom rock band Radiohead’s song “Everything in its Right Place”. Converting the track into sound waves, she uses the lines and curves to form her collection. The silky-smooth fabric “grooves” freely, and is punctuated by sturdy, double-faced wool that symbolises bold electronic beats. Each piece has a meticulously clean finish, with perfect precision achieved by using various techniques from laser cut to hand stitching. Ms Ng delivers the collection with the same sentiment as that in Radiohead’s decade-old song: “It is Perfect, It is Everything!”

Second Runner-up Prizes: (1) A cash prize of HK$20,000 (2) A month-long internship at CLOT Company Ltd offered by the company

Best Footwear Design Award Prizes: (1) A cash prize of HK$10,000; (2) A mentorship offered by i.t apparels Ltd to develop a capsule collection to be sold at selected shops under the i.t group

Photo Download: https://bit.ly/2MdKPiO

Designer: Yeung Shun-leong. Design: “Ubermensch”

New Talent Award

The Design:

Representing a spin-off of Nietzsche’s concept of “will to power”, Mr Yeung’s collection expresses “combat” with designs that simultaneously empower and protect. Elements from different forms of martial arts merge to form the ultimate combat gear referencing judo, fencing and boxing wear — with jackets in oversized silhouettes, some featuring high neck-pads and tie belts. The underarm panels allow greater flexibility and movement. The outfits are made more robust and durable with stone washing and waxing.

Prizes: (1) A cash prize of HK$10,000; (2) A mentorship offered by JOYCE to develop a capsule collection to be sold at a JOYCE store

Photo Download: https://bit.ly/2wXFuqm

Winners of YDC 2018 celebrate on stage

Photo Download: https://bit.ly/2Mdh2XI

CENTRESTAGE website: http://centrestage.com.hk

The Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) website: http://www.fashionally.com

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