Hotels introduce Mid-Autumn mooncake collections

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Mooncakes a typical feature of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 13 this year.

Though still two months away, many hotels in Hanoi have already introduced mooncake collections with beautiful designs and a range of prices for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A colorful time of year, the Mid-Autumn Festival, or “Tet Trung Thu”, is celebrated in Vietnam during the eighth lunar month, or September 13 on the solar calendar this year. Also known as “Tet doan vien”, or “Family reunion festival” in the Vietnamese custom, it is a time to eat, drink, and be merry. Together with fairytales, plentiful fruit, and cheerful dragon dances, mooncakes are a typical feature of the occasion.

There is also a tradition of “bieu” (giving) relating to mooncakes, where they are given to friends, family and business partners and clients two to four weeks before the Mid-Autumn Festival. People also buy cakes as gifts for their boss, parents-in-law, and their children’s teachers. The market for mooncakes has boomed in recent times in large cities like Hanoi and HCM City, where almost all major hotels now have mooncakes for sale. Buying expensive mooncakes as gifts has become something of a fashion among Vietnamese today.

Most major hotels in town introduced their new collections two months earlier than the day. Prices start from VND600,000 ($30) per box to millions of dong, depending on the size of the cakes and the gift options of limited wine or lucky gilded mascots.

The Hanoi Hotel is currently offering two mooncake collectionsthe “Exquisite Collection” and the “Heritage Collection”featuring 20 types of mooncakes with different fillings. The “Hong Kong all-time-beloved flavor mooncake”, with egg custard, is exclusively introduced to customers in Hanoi for the first time.

The “Exquisite Collection” features ten types of mooncakes with fillings of white lotus seed paste and double salted egg yolk; a traditional mixed-flavor with yolks and custard paste; and taro, chestnut, red bean, and green tea with single or double eggs. The most special offering is the “Exquisite Mid-Autumn Wine Box”, featuring four medium-sized mooncakes with white lotus seed paste and single salted egg yolk and a bottle of whisky.

The “Heritage Collection”, meanwhile, features the same ten types of mooncakes as the “Exquisite Collection” but are in different boxes and include Kim Long Hoang Chili Sauce (or XO Sauce), home-made by the hotel, or Vietnamese Oolong Tea.

The Hanoi Hotel has been known for its Hong Kong Exclusive Mooncakes Collections since 1999. It is committed to its consistently traditional taste yet state-of-the-art looks that surprise mooncake lovers with new and unique collections each year.

With more than a decade of experience in making premium mooncakes, this year the Hilton Hanoi Opera brings a fresh appearance to its unique-looking mooncake gift boxes, which resembles a fashionable handbag. The gift box is an accessory to complement the taste of the recipient and showcases the giver’s class and respect for the recipient.

With a delicate yet convenient brown wooden handle, the bag creates a feeling of excitement for the recipientlike carrying around a luxurious handbag and not simply a mooncake gift box. The hotel’s 2019 mooncakes feature six flavors: Green tea lotus seed and salted egg; Red bean; Taro; Black sesame; Green tea lotus seed; and Black chocolate, hazelnut seed, almond seed, and lotus seed. While the first five have been favourites for years, the cakes with Black chocolate, hazelnut seed, almond seed, and lotus seed are a sweet new surprise for recipients.

Inspired by West Lake’s poetic landscapes and homey goodies, the Pan Pacific Hanoi’s Mooncake Gift Boxes are designed with two tones in harmony, representing the lotus blossoming by night with the moonlight casting shadows over its petals. Nestled inside the traditional look are contemporary flavors carrying a sense of love, care, and treasure. The hotel’s mooncakes showcase six fillings: lotus, taro, jambon, green bean, coconut, and honeydew paste with yolk.

Previously, in order to ensure hygiene during the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2019, the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade issued Official Letter No. 2853/ SCT-QLCL requiring the production or importation of mooncakes comply with conditions on food safety, ensuring production facilities and equipment, raw material use, food additives showing clear origin and expiry dates, and only using food additives on a department list.


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