HR Ministry slams Bangladeshi High Commission for launching job search site without consulting it

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The Human Resources Ministry said today it is shocked and appalled by Bangladeshi High Commission’s creation of a job recruitment site called “Chakrir Khoj” on April 8 last week.

It claimed the portal created by the high commission went against local policy and was done without consulting the ministry, adding that the move would confuse potential Malaysian employers and could sabotage potential employment opportunities for locals. “I am shocked and appalled with the action of the Bangladesh High Commission that has launched its employment portal without prior consultation nor notification to the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR).

“It is unreasonable on the part of the high commission to take such action which goes against the roles and responsibilities of a foreign diplomatic mission.

“On the aspect of employment services, the government through MOHR has developed a national employment portal, MyFutureJobs which advertises domestic job vacancies involving the recruitment of foreign workers as well as expatriates.

“I view this matter seriously as it can mislead and create confusion to the public particularly local employers,” its minister Datuk Seri M. Saravanan said in a statement.

The Bangladesh High Commission launched Chakrir Khoj aiming to help employers in Malaysia find the right workers and help workers find suitable jobs.

The portal, launched at a virtual event on April 8, will also assist prospective employers and undocumented Bangladesh nationals or those who have overstayed in Malaysia to participate in the Malaysian government’s recalibration programme.

Saravanan however said the MOHR are currently conducting their Recalibration Programme for the manufacturing, construction, plantation and agriculture sectors with the help of the Home Ministry without third party involvement.

He said under the Private Employment Agencies Act 1981, the recruitment of foreign workers in Malaysia is to be managed by private employment agencies, licensed by the Department of Labour.

He said the portal may cause an influx of “illegal workers” and after discussions with the Cabinet yesterday, the government has decided to come up with a comprehensive paper on the actual requirement of foreign workers in all sectors.

“As much as I acknowledge the industry’s dependence of foreign workers, especially in sectors that are deemed unattractive to local workers, the ministry has always remained steadfast in ensuring that local workers are being given priority to fill in the job vacancies.

“I am currently engaging with employers from sectors that are affected badly during the Covid-19 pandemic namely construction, plantation and agriculture to advertise their vacancies at MyFutureJobs portal to ensure that no local workers are deprived of their opportunity to secure employment.

“Furthermore, I am also of the view that the Chakrir Khoj portal will jeopardise the business of more than 400 private employment agencies currently licensed by the Department of Labour to bring in foreign workers to the country.

“As such, under these circumstances, it is inappropriate for the Bangladesh High Commission to launch the said employment portal in Malaysia which is seen as undermining the government’s planning to manage the actual demand of foreign labour in the country,” he added.


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