iSYNERGY Recertified MS 1900:2014 Shariah-based QMS

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- I Synergy Group Limited (iSYNERGY) has successfully obtained the renewal of MS 1900:2014 Shariah-based Quality Management System (QMS) from SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd. This is an achievement after successfully going through the strict re-certification audit in November 2020. The final approval and consent from the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) was obtained in January 2021. Obtaining the recertification is very significant to fortify relationship, confidence and trust from their digital entrepreneurs, potential business partners and the public.

The initial MS 1900:2014 Shariah-based QMS certificate awarded to iSYNERGY was valid from 2018 until 2021. For years of validity, an annual surveillance audit was conducted before a recertification audit in the final year. The renewal of certification is only issued after a satisfactory recertification audit. The long and detailed journey of this certificate is testament of the necessary processes involved in obtaining this meaningful certification. iSYNERGY managed to sail through the entire process to obtain their MS 1900:2014 Shariah-based QMS certification and now recertified until 2024.

iSYNERGY expresses their gratitude to SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd for their audit and thank SAC for their approval and consent after all the necessary and detailed due diligence. The certification, now valid until 11 January 2024 covers the provision of training and services for affiliate marketing marketer in Affiliate Junction partner program and provision of retail program, rewards and incentive. This scope entails the main businesses conducted by iSYNERGY. Community of business partners jubilate in this achievement and step forward confidently to offer their product and services to the community at large.

iSYNERGY is one of the forerunners of digital innovation, envisioning to become a global digital innovation company to fulfil mission of contributing to society by creating value through digital innovation. The business is operated in Malaysia via its operational subsidiary I Synergy International (M) Sdn Bhd (1062594-W).

Within the business(es) of iSYNERGY, Affiliate Junction (AJ) is a digital entrepreneurial platform. Equipped with a robust and advanced ecosystem, AJ envisions to become Asia's most rewarding affiliate marketing platform for digital entrepreneurship, fulfilling its mission of empowering people through affiliate marketing and digital entrepreneurship. Digital entrepreneurs of AJ can confidently promote offerings under the platform, namely MSS, Advertiser Offer, Advertiser Program, and upcoming Life Success Academy, to name a few.

Whilst businesses are going through unpredictable challenges due to impacts from Covid-19, iSYNERGY strives to keep its business' qualities and standards in check to continue providing a service that can be trusted and excellent. In the wake of the pandemic in 2020, iSYNERGY allocated a RM30 million stimulus package to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and aspiring entrepreneurs as well as assisting the nation's adaptation to the 'new normal' and accelerating the digitisation process. "It has been a tough journey for iSYNERGY but we have worked so hard last year to ensure that our Shariah-based AJ partner program and other offerings continue to bring value to and receive support from fellow Malaysians. We are grateful and thankful to be recertified," said Dato' Mohammad Yazid bin Hj. Daud, iSYNERGY's Chief Executive Officer, confident that this certification from SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd clarifies the main businesses that iSYNERGY are involved in are in line with the Shariah provision that its scope entails, beyond any reasonable doubts. Patience and relentless effort during these unprecedented times are crucial. iSYNERGY is confident about its offered services and programs and wished to work with brands that have the same vision about their businesses.

About I Synergy Group Limited (ASX: IS3)

I Synergy Group Limited (ASX:IS3) ("iSYNERGY") is a Malaysian grown company listed on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). iSYNERGY provides digital innovation by building robust system with key technological advancement.

To learn more, please visit: or email enquiries to [email protected].

About Affiliate Junction

Affiliate Junction ("AJ") is a digital entrepreneurial platform developed by iSYNERGY. Affiliate marketer (digital entrepreneurs) promote programs (MSS, Advertiser Offer, Advertiser Program and upcoming Life Success Academy to name a few) by driving traffic and generating leads for advertisers through curated content, email, website, link share, landing pages and social media at the ease of their digital devices. Digital entrepreneurs are incentivised when a deal happens due to their efforts. Advertisers have access to a cost-effective marketing platform, paying only by performance to enhance brand awareness and increase sales revenue.

To learn more, please visit: or email enquiries to [email protected].

About MSS

A flagship program of AJ, MSS universal retail loyalty program is a one-stop solution that combines marketing, loyalty and payment services for business owners while a multifunctional easy-to-use lifestyle companion app for users.

To learn more, please visit: or email enquiries to [email protected]

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