Japan experts plan indexes to gauge virus spread

08-Aug-2020 Intellasia | NHK | 6:50 AM Print This Post

Experts advising Japan’s government on the coronavirus plan to set up a series of indexes to help local authorities gauge the spread of the outbreak in their regions.

Prime minister Abe Shinzo said on Thursday that unlike in April, it is not currently necessary to declare a state of emergency.

Instead, he said the government will work with local governments on detailed measures to prevent the healthcare system being overwhelmed.

An expert panel will meet on Friday to discuss indexes that regions will use to assess which of four-stages of infection they are at.

Indexes will cover hospital bed occupancy rates, the percentage of patients who have tested positive and the percentage of people whose route of infection is unknown. Benchmark figures will be set for each of the four stages.

The panel is expected to discuss whether the government could declare a state of emergency if the infection level reaches the highest stage.



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