Japan eyes making return to work harder for childcare workers convicted of indecent acts

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A proposal to tighten the reregistration process for child care workers banned for indecent behavior was presented by the health ministry at an expert panel meeting on November 24. Its central purpose is to extend the time for reregistration from the current two years to 10 years for those who were handed prison sentences and more severe punishments.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare aims to submit a bill to amend the Child Welfare Act in the ordinary Diet session next year.

Child care workers must register with each prefecture after obtaining a license. Under the current law, if a child care worker is criminally punished for an indecent act, they can reregister two years after a sentence is completed.

But the proposed revision would extend it to 10 years in cases where a sentence of imprisonment or more severe punishments is handed down, the same duration those punishments are effective. In addition, even in cases where a fine is imposed or no criminal penalty is enforced, if individuals are found to have committed indecent acts and been punished for them, reregistration will be extended to three years.

The ministry is also considering the creation of a database of punishment records for indecent behavior and the introduction of a system in which each prefecture would establish a new review board to decide whether or not to reregister those workers.

At a news conference on November 24, health minister Shigeyuki Goto said, “We must not have a situation where a child care worker who has committed an indecent act engages in a similar act again in the nursery environment.”



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