Japan: Third tropical cyclone set to hit country in as many weeks

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Krosa is expected to be the third tropical cyclone to hit Japan in the wake of Typhoon Francisco and Tropical Storm Nari.

As Japan recovers from the impacts of Typhoon Francisco and Tropical Storm Nari, Typhoon Krosa is expected to threaten additional impacts later this week.

Krosa would be the third tropical cyclone to make landfall across mainland Japan in as many weeks as active conditions across the western Pacific continue.

Tropical Storm Krosa on Saturday across the western Pacific Ocean. (Japanese Meteorological Agency/Himawari 8)

Krosa is still located well to the southeast of Japan, though has far-reaching impacts with bands rain affecting islands from Ogasawara, Japan to the Northern Marianas.

Although Krosa has weakened to a tropical storm, the storm should once again become a typhoon by the time it impacts Japan later in the week.

The most likely areas for significant impacts are expected to be across southern Japan, including Shikoku, Kyushu and western Honshu.

Impacts will range from damaging wind gusts near the point of landfall to flooding rainfall, mudslides and storm surge flooding along south-facing coasts.

It is possible for some rain totals over 20 inches (500 mm) in southern Japan, especially in Shikoku and eastern Kyushu.

Krosa is a large storm system, so heavy rain may extend well away from where the storm make landfall.

The heaviest rain is expected to remain to the south and west of Tokyo, though residence should still monitor the situation as bands of rain could still impact the city during the second half of the week.

Residents in cities from Nobeoka to Kochi and Osaka should continue to monitor this storm and have a plan in place should evacuations be ordered.



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