Japanese, British and Germans oppose holding Tokyo Olympics this year

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A recent survey by communications consultancy Kekst CNC shows that a majority of people in Japan, the UK and Germany oppose holding the Tokyo Olympics this year, it was revealed Tuesday.

According to the six-nation survey, US respondents are equally divided, said Jochen Legewie, chair for Asia and managing director for Japan at the German-US group.

“The International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government are facing strong public opinion against holding the Tokyo Olympics this summer, both in Japan and around the world,” Legewie said.

“Without fast, comprehensive and visible progress in (COVID-19) vaccination, it seems increasingly difficult to overcome public skepticism and even to hold a scaled-down Tokyo Olympics without spectators,” Legewie added.

The survey was conducted in February in the four nations plus France and Sweden, covering 1,000 people age 18 or older in each country.

The respondents were asked to choose among “disagree,” “agree,” “neither agree nor disagree” and “don’t know” to the question asking whether the postponed Tokyo Games should go ahead this year as currently planned.

Those who disagreed accounted for 56 percent in Japan, highest among the six countries. The share for such respondents stood at 55 percent in Britain and 52 percent in Germany.

There were more opponents than proponents in all countries except the United States, where both sides accounted for 33%.

Regarding COVID-19 vaccines, 89 percent of British respondents said they were willing to be inoculated, followed by 76 percent in Sweden and 73 percent in Germany. The proportion stood at 64 percent each in Japan and the United States.



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